Happy Birthday to me!  I cannot believe I am 27.  I’m in my late twenties and there is no turning back.  Twenty six was sure a good year.  I dusted off my dancing shoes for a bit, we bought our house, I got a new job, got my first (and probably only) tattoo, made a trip to Tennessee to see some of my most favorite gals ever, and got back on track living a healthy lifestyle.  And looking at that list, I’m realizing I didn’t do so hot documenting it.  That was the point of this here blog, right?  Sigh.

I realize that I’m getting closer and closer to the age where I will no longer admit how old I am.  In my experience with others, in a couple years, time actually stands still and I won’t get any older.  Yeah?

Well, in the spirit of getting older – and not being afraid to ‘fess up to it (yet) – I wanted to make a bucket list of sorts.  Things I want to do before I turn 28. Twenty eight before 28, if you will.

28b4281.  Vacation with my husband.  It’s been a hot minute.  Our last real vacation was our honeymoon in November 2012.  That’s far too long for a woman with a travel bug.  To count as a vacation – there has to be a beach.

2.  Read 10 books.  I don’t think I can commit to one per month, but I miss reading as much as I used to!

3.  Grab a girlfriend and go to a painting class!  I did this a couple times when I was living in Tennessee and I loved it.  So much fun!

4.  See an awesome concert.  I’m sort of cheating with this one – we already have tickets to see Lady Gaga at Summerfest.  I’m pretty flippin’ pumped.  I wouldn’t say she is my all-time-fave, but I’m seriously looking forward to it.  I mean, come on, it’s Lady Gaga, it has to be an experience, right!?

5.  Run a 10K.  I’m not sure I’ll commit myself to a fourth half marathon, but a 10K would be lovely.

6.  On that note, before Kelsey gets back and demands her bike, I’d also like to do a dualathon.  Nothing crazy.

7.  I’ve committed to an active lifestyle again, but I want to get committed to some weight training.  I just hate it so much.  Can I learn to love it?  Please?

8.  Try one new recipe each month.  I’ve gone through periods where I’m nuts about this.  Like 3 new recipes a week.  And when none of them turn out, Craig starves.  And then Craig is sad.

9.  Do at least 2 photo-a-day challenges (one month each).  I think these are super fun.  I’ll even make up a fun little #hashtag so I can look at them all in Instagram!

10.  Get to Texas before Christmas.  I miss my parents.  A lot. check!  I just got back on Sunday.  It was semi-last minute and very much needed!  I had a fabulous long weekend – just me, mom, and dad!

11.  Cookie exchange!  I work with some ladies at work that I think would totally get on board with this!  My mom used to do it with her friends (I know a lot of people do), I think they’re such fun.

12.  Try 2 new fitness classes.  We are still relatively new to our gym and they have some unusual classes I’d like to try.

13.  Walk the dogs at least three times a week.  With our fenced in yard, the dogs haven’t been walked much.  It’s just too easy to let them run. I know, I know, walks are still necessary, but it’s hard to just suck it up and give them the walk they deserve.

14.  Get to Spain to see Kelsey.  Eeks.  Lots of travel on this list.  I’d love for it all to happen.  We shall see!  Kels and I had a blast on our first Euro-trip!

15.  Work on patience.  I’m not the most patient person in the world.  I would benefit from improving this – and I’m sure those around me would appreciate it, too.

16.  Build a headboard.  Craig says once the weather is better, he will commit the garage to this project.  I’m patiently waiting!

17.  Legitimately decorate the living room and master bedroom.  I just have random knick knacks all over and honestly, it’s a hot mess.  I follow enough blogs to have good inspiration for a room that is pulled together and adult-like.

18.  Clean up my language.  …says the girl with the blog, What the Efff.  I know.  But, I admittedly have the mouth of a sailor.  And even if I just replace it with “shiz” or “efff” instead of the words that would usually be there, I’ll call it a win.

19.  Get on at least 3 different area hikes.  There are some great parks in the greater Milwaukee area.  I need to get out there and find them!

20.  Get my hands on Aladdin.  Since I watched it with Kim in February (and realized I missed the release from the vault!) I’ve been desperate to get a hold of a copy.  I love Disney.  Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid are my faves, but that’s just because I don’t have Aladdin!  Stop judging.  Now.  thankyouverymuch.

21.  Noah’s Ark!  I haven’t been for a few years.  I used to go every summer with my family when I was a kiddo.  So much fun.

22.  Packer game.  Gosh. I have an expensive wish list…but, seriously.  Craig loves them so and I love seeing him all excited about it.  We’ve been able to make it to at least one game the past few years and I’d love for that to continue.

23.  In that spirit, plan at least one date each month that is free (or darn close to it).  I’ll keep track!

24.  Learn my camera!  I got this beautiful camera for Christmas and I haven’t done much with it yet.  Life has gotten so hectic and learning it took the back seat.

25.  Carve pumpkins.  Craig and I skipped this in 2013 and I was a little sad!  We found a great pumpkin patch last year, so we will need to return for pumpkins, apples and cider doughnuts!

26.  Learn to golf.  Craig got me out for one measly lesson last summer.  He’s so good.  I’m so…not.  This sort of goes along with the patience piece.  I wasn’t patient with myself.  Craig was plenty patient, bless him.

27.  Crochet something other than a scarf or dish towel.  Those are my go-to.  I never make anything for myself, just others.  And goll darnit (heyyy, look at me accomplishing #18!) I want to make myself something fab.  Like a blanket or some shiz.

28.  Bake one cake each month.  Maybe try some healthier alternatives so I don’t feel so guilty when the cake doesn’t make it to work as intended…and instead ends up all in my belly.

Well, there you have it folks.  Twenty eight lofty goals for my 28th year.  Bring it on!

What made it on your bucket list for the year?



  1. Happy Birthday!!! You have no idea of the awesomeness that is in store for you once you hit your 30’s. I was absolutely terrified of that number, and couldn’t even imagine living life “so old”. But trust me, it gets so much better. Yet here I am, staring 40 in the face (how is that even possible?!?!) with the same exact fears. Sounds like you’ve got a great year planned- looking forward to reading about your adventures. 🙂


    1. PS – and thanks for the sweet words 🙂 I’m pretty excited about “getting older.” Trust, I won’t be saying that when I hit, like, 65, but for now, BRING IT ON!


    1. I have tried a Body Bump class (and LOVED it) but I can never get it to work with my schedule. Which makes me a sad panda. The gym we belong to has multiple locations, so I’ll have to see if I can track it down elsewhere. I’ve only gone once, so the instructor probably thought she scared me off!


  2. K. Look for Interweave crochet. The shiznit in crochet mags. LOVE IT!

    Hikes? check out backpacker mag. We get it monthly. It’s awesome in rating hikes in your area…or alltrails.com. Another good one.

    Aladdin…*snort* did you know that the ORIGINAL release has a different intro song? check it out if ya don’t know. And it’s totes one of my faves. Robin Williams is da bomb in that one.

    Camera…I can help. I have a BFA in applied photpgrahy.

    Hippo birdie two ewe, hun! ❤


    1. Interweave crochet, eh? I’ll definitely look for that! Thank you for all of the pointers!! And you’ll be sorry you volunteered with the camera thing – I’m pretty hopeless! I’ll compile a list of questions for you 😉



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