Dear Easter Bunny,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In honor of St. Patty’s here is a post about the Easter Bunny.


While in Texas, I took it upon myself to look through my mom’s jewelery box.  I found some neat things – whether it was the ring my dad got upon graduating high school, a ring my mom purchased when I was born, things of my grandma or grandpa G’s, there were quite a few things that prompted conversation.

I think my most favorite of all were letters my sister and I wrote to the Easter Bunny that my mom held on to.  In Kelsey’s she says she is 6 – so that means I was 8.  I was a thorough little 8 year old – my letter spanned three pages!  Here’s what my kid sister had to say:

kelsDear Easter Bunny,
I like you.  Here is a carrot just for you!  I hope you like it.  You are nice.  Can you please wake me up and give me a hug.  I am the straight hair.  Happy Easter.  Wake my sister up too. Love Kelsey G.  Thank you.  Please write back.  Buy [sic]

Kels also leaves a spot for the Bunny to leave his age, phone number, and address.  On the other side is a picture of god only knows what.  Kels, you could write like a champ, but apparently your artistic abilities hadn’t kicked in yet. 😉

Kelsey and I got along famously as kids.  So, it’s no surprise that she would ask the Bunny to wake me, too, so I could have the pleasure of meeting the mystery rabbit.  My most favorite part of the the whole thing is where she specifies that she is the “straight hair.”  Kels had stick straight hair as a kid.  Mine was curly from age 2 (which is when I finally got any hair at all!).  Today, her hair is just as curly as mine – how weird is that?

And then there is the big sister who has to out-do little sister when she can:

easter bunny CollageHere’s a carrot just for you!  Will you wake me and Kelsey up? We promise I won’t tell any body what you look like.  Thank you Easter Bunny.  Love Jessica.  Turn Page.

I now [sic] you’re busy but will you wite [sic] back?  I hope you can.  Love Jessica.
On that page, where the red arrow is, you can see that I attached (via tape!) an additional page with my address.  See?  Thorough.  Oh, but we aren’t through yet.  One more page:

I now [sic] you would get hungry so I left you that carrot and milk.  Bye Easter Bunny.

I highly doubt that leaving the carrots and milk was all my idea, but I’m not surprised that I took all of the credit.

What sorts of sentimental items have you discovered over the years?



  1. O.M.G.That is TOO FUNNY!! Glad you’re having a blast with the ‘rents. I’m sure you won’t miss the snow….9″ here. *sigh* When is Spring coming?



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