Five for Friday v. 5

March is my birthday month.  More than once I’ve tried to do the math to figure out how old I’m going to be.  Majority of those times, I’ve failed and just had to ask someone to do it for me.  No, I’m no exaggerating.  Yes, it’s very sad.  Actually, quite pathetic that it’s come to that.  I’m not even that old.  My instinct is to say that I’ll be 28, but in reality it’ll just be 27.  So, that’s nice, I suppose.  It’s like I’m giving myself an extra year.  Sort of?

In the spirit of my birthday, here are five fabulous finds I surely wouldn’t mind adding to my collection of material things.


I love this bag.  When I first saw the Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag, I passed it up.  When I started looking for it a few weeks ago, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  And I was sad.  Very sad.  BUT IT’S BACK!  I might be using some birthday money for this!  I’m having a hard time deciding between black and purple, though…

Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag.two.

Another blogger posted about this watch – isn’t it so pretty!?  And YES, I actually really like the pink!  I’m not a huge pink-loving girly-girl, but I think it just works.  Because it’s a watch, I think you could get away with wearing it with things that pink might not normally “match” with.  Love it.  AND it’s on sale!

MK watch.three.

Advocare everything.  Seriously.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been texting with Kim, coveting all things Advocare.  I have treated myself to more of the vitamins and such (arriving today!), but there are some other things that I’m dying to try.  But, I have to pace myself financially – it is a tad pricey.  The three things I’m still dying to try are the Rehydrate, O2 Gold, and Post Workout Recovery.

Advocare Collage.four.

An appointment at the salon!  I haven’t had a hair cut in like 9 months.  Mostly because last March I had to chop it all off after a terrible experience with a Brazilian Blowout.  I need a good trim and I want my highlights back!  My hair is the typical dirty dishwater blonde and I’m tired of it.  I’m really gearing up to get myself back on track physically, so I don’t want to feel frumpy.  And frizzy, boring hair, in desperate need of a cut screams frumpy to me.  womp womp.  My salon of choice gives Deva cuts for those of us gals with naturally curly hair.  I’m tellin’ ya – once you go Deva, you never go back!  The best cuts I’ve ever had! …the salon also has a spa.  So, I think that if I go for a hair treat, I should also treat myself to a massage…don’t you!? 😉


New kitchen counters.  Yep.  I’m officially an adult.  I hate our kitchen counters.  They’re granite tile.  Pretty to look at – so not practical.  Trying to keep that grout clean and sanitized?  Impossible.  They’re just icky.  I’d really like to paint our cabinets white, but Craig firmly tells me ‘no’ each time I bring it up.  But, how pretty and classic are these!?

countertopscountertops2I don’t love the paint color in the second one, but you get the idea 🙂

There ya have it.  The wishlist of a soon-to-be 27 year old!

What tops your wish list these days?

Thanks to April, Christina, Darci, and Natasha for hosting!


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