What I Ate Wednesday v.1

Before Advocare, I never really paid attention to what I eat each day.  I might food journal a day here or there, but if I’m honest with myself, I’m usually not very thorough.  Meaning: the seven Oreos I may have eaten that day didn’t make the list.  But, with the Advocare challenge, I certainly haven’t been eating Oreos and I’m actually proud to photo-journal my eats.

I didn’t have to work on Monday (major perk of new job – despite the salary status, they keep me at 40 hours), so I thought that’d be a great day to share.  I had time to prepare three yummy meals.  So here we go – my inaugural WIAW post, Advocare Style!  Thanks to Jen for hosting!

Rise & shine!  Up and at ’em, I immediately down my Spark (seriously, so good) and Catalyst.  After saying good morning to the doggies, it’s time for the fiber drink.  Y’all – thank goodness this is only required for 6 days on the challenge.  It’s not so great.  The taste isn’t awful, but the texture…ohhh the texture.  Monday was my last day of that bad boy.  I was so set on getting it over with, I totally forgot to take a picture.  Off to a smooth start with the photo journeling, eh?

I had to wait a half hour before breakfast, which is where the Whipped Banana Oats came back!  Rather than digging into my stash of frozen fruit snacks for the week, I opted to top it off with some of the unfrozen, fresh berries still in the fridge.  I also had two Omega Plex vitamins, not pictured.

Whipped Oats and Fresh Fruit - WIAW - What The Efff blogBecause I had the day off, I was able to take advantage of a late morning Zumba class.  Honestly, I didn’t love it.  My favorite instructor is still the very first one I had – at the podunk gym I went to in Edgerton.  Because of the odd timing of the class, I had my “snack” with my lunch.  I settled on some rice/quinoa noodles (from TJs!) with marinara and leftover shredded chicken.  Not pretty, but pretty tasty!  The berries were still mostly frozen in the oj at this point…

Brown Rice Quinoa Pasta - WIAW - What The Efff blogAfternoon snack time meant rice cakes and nut butter!  I went out on limb and tried some almond butter.  Peanut butter, you have some serious competition!  Too bad almond butter is substantially more expensive.  Okay, you still win peanut butter.  But, only because you’re a cheap date.

Rice Cake - WIAW - What The Efff blogLast but not least – dinner time!  Craig was out of town a couple nights, so I made stuffed peppers (he haaaates bell peppers).  I used the recipe I found on Advocare Runner’s blog and they were so tasty!  I have plenty to take as leftovers for the rest of the week.  So, despite the fact I am working out of town a couple days this week, I was a good girl and packed a lunch!  I also had a small salad (not pictured) and some steamed veggies topped with Acai Berry Balsamic Vinegar (a gift from Kim!).  Dinnertime also meant two more Omega Plex vitamins.

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers - WIAW - What The Efff blogSomething else I found on Advocare Runner’s blog was this interesting ACV concoction.  My face has been flippin’ out (thanks to the cleanse?  working out?  my body resorting to being 13 again?  I don’t know), and she said that it has helped with he complexion.  So, I tried it.

ACV - WIAW - What The Efff blogThe verdict?  Definitely…interesting?  It took me a hot minute to get it down, but I did.  And it wasn’t so god awful that I wouldn’t do it again.  I’m going to stick with it for a bit to see if I can notice any difference in my skin.

There you have it!  A lengthly, picture-filled post of a days worth of delicious, Advocare-friendly eats!

What are some of your go-to lunch time meals?



  1. My face has been flipping out due to some stress lately. I was going to try the aspirin mask. But we’ll see.

    I LOVE quinoa and those peppers look delicious!! Kuddos to you! When I have the day off, I snack myself into oblivion, which is why I either clean or cook. LOL


    1. I have that drink two nights now. It isn’t awful, but it will take some mental strength to get a real habit going. How do you use it? I’m interested to see how other people incorporate it into their diets/lifestyle.


      1. Awesome! I think I’d have to work myself up to a shot of it – mixed with water is tough enough for me at as it is 🙂 I’ll definitely have to check out your post – thank you for sharing! 🙂



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