Whipped Banana Oats

Who wants a super delicious, easy breakfast or snack to whip up?  Me, me, me!

I discovered Whipped Banana Oats months ago.  They are so flippin’ delicious.  I’m not even a huge fan of bananas – but I love banana bread and other treats with them incorporated.  You can find Kath’s original recipe here and that is how I prepare them every time.  Except.  Except now I have found an awesome way to amp them up.

Whipped Banana Oats - What The Efff blogOne of my snacks since starting the Advocare Challenge is this:

  • sliced strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries

Add about 1/4 cup of your fruit mixture to individual baggies and add a splash of Orange Juice (Simply Orange is my fave!) and freeze.

It’s the perfect morning snack.  I usually snack around 9 or 9:30 at work – and by the time I get to it, it’s thawed perfectly and still nice and chilly.  Yum.

And then I thought – why not add some of this goodness to my favorite whipped oats!?  So I broke off a small piece of frozen-berry-oj-goodness, threw them into my bowl of prepared Whipped Banana Oats and it was a match made in heaven!

It slowly melts adding some yummy umpf to the oats.  Not to mention the icy goodness helps cool the oats so I don’t burn my mouth – as I have the tendency to inhale all the goodness.

Whipped Banana Oats with Frozen Fruit and OJ - What The Efff blogThe one note I’ll make about Kath’s recipe is that she doesn’t mention when to add the chia seeds.  Add it in with the rest of the goods (the oats, milk, water, banana).  The chia seeds are optional, too.  I like them because they add some nice texture and they take on the flavor of what they’re in.  I can literally have these made in 5 minutes – so for a girl with little-to-no patience, that is a major win.




  1. I’m a huge banana advocate. I’m a huge oatmeal advocate. Whipped banana oats? Not so much. I just can’t get past the idea of it…. Call me a purist. And chia seeds? Just can’t get on that bandwagon. There’s a reason I don’t like tapioca. Something about floaties in food. LOL

    I do commend you on the Advocare and sticking to it! We, as a nation, eat too much processed sugar and it is in almost EVERYTHING we eat. I’m not so sure I could purge my sugar intake, though.


    1. LOL. Well, I wouldn’t say the Chia seeds float…they stick 😉 But, I know what you mean!

      The Advocare Challenge has been really great – though to be honest, I’m surprised my results haven’t been more noticeable – given that my eating habits alone have changed drastically. AND I’ve been hitting the gym! I know, be patient…

      …and you should seriously at least tryyyyy these oats – you can omit the seeds. 🙂 Tastes like banana bread!



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