Hello, World.

Sometimes life just takes ya out at the knees, doesn’t it?  Whew.  I’ve had a thing or two going on and it’s likely that I’ll share.  But, that draft is currently sitting in my kid sister’s inbox awaiting a response to the question, “Is this too deep?”  If you end up seeing it, it’s because she thinks y’all can handle it!  I’m officially resurfacing after a little hiatus to get myself back on track.

In desperate need of something to focus on, I decided to try the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  I’m hesitant about these things, because they can be kind of gimicky.  But, I know someone in real life that has had real results.  Day one of Advocare was an epic fail.  I was hangry from like 10am until I went to bed.  I even cheated and had some cookies (sugarrrr) and they didn’t satisfy me at all.  Hello, guilty conscience.  The fact that they didn’t satisfy me set me up for better success on day two.  And since then, it’s been so much better!

Day two on the challenge also meant a training session at the gym.  Craig and I are going to do some training together and our trainer, David, is thebomb.com. I know he is going to kick my ass, but I’m excited.  I’m hoping to lose what Craig is hoping to gain (weight-wise), so it will be an interesting journey.

As of today, I’m 10 days into my Advocare challenge and wanted to share some progress.  I’ve refused to weigh myself in the past 10 days, because I know the number isn’t everything, just as my dear friend Kim shared last week.  Love that post.  Seriously.

The 10 day results are in and thus far I’m down just 2 pounds, but more importantly, 3.25 inches.  Honestly, not the results I was hoping for (based on others I know…in real life), but it’s a start.  And – I really wasn’t supposed to do weight or measurements until tomorrow (after day 10), but I had it in my head Monday, Monday, Monday.  So, I’ll likely redo everything tomorrow…maybe miracles can happen in 24 hours. 😉


I’m pretty excited for this week because I have a killer meal plan set.  I’ll admit I wasn’t super prepared for last week.  I limited myself to salads, fruit, rice cakes and peanut butter.  I need to remind myself that Advocare isn’t that limiting (it requires clean eating, but that’s pretty darn easy to do if you set yourself up for success)!  Kim introduced me to a great blog called Advocare Runner and this week’s meal plan is based of a number of her suggestions.  I’m excited for a more “interesting” week on the food front.

With everything that’s been going on, it’s been really, really nice to focus on healthy eating habits and getting fit.  It’s also kept me much busier – which is good – my idle mind can take me places I don’t want to go.  Busy is better, for me at least.

Do any of you have some Advocare-friendly recipes to share?  I’d love to see the links!



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