Enough Already!

The weather last week was cray.

We had snow.  We had rain.  We had sunshine.  Clouds.  Freezing rain.  Thunder snow.  Thunder rain.  Wind.  Oh, so much wind.

And I’m flipping tired of it!

Saturday was sunny and mild.  Mild being 20 degrees.  Which is mild when you consider that just a couple weeks ago it was literally 50 degrees colder.  Craig and I took advantage of it and got a nice little walk in.  Sadly, the pups had to stay at home – between the ice and salt, their poor little paws would have been torn to shreds.  I won’t take the chance on Myles who has been known to plop his butt down, like a half mile from home, and refuse to walk any further.

My grandma, in sunny Arizona, sent me some super cute cartoons that I thought some of you might enjoy!

Craig can relate:

coldfeetSilver lining?:

coldhurricaneCan I get an amen!?:

coldhandsRoad rage?  Try snow rage!:

coldsnowblowerHere’s to hoping for a warmer, less bi polar weather week!



  1. hahahaha. those comics. sometimes to dull our pain the best to do is laugh. this winter has been the most awful winter i can EVER remember. and i’ve been through 22 wisconsin winters! fingers crossed this means next year is a breeze!



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