What I learned on a Monday

Yesterday was quite the educational experience.  Here are two of the things I learned:

  • Snow is okay, but only in moderation. Y’all might remember me going on and on about how I liked winter and all that BS.  Well, I’m rescinding that and replacing it with, “I like winter when my husband is home to shovel my happy ass out of the driveway.”  He was out of town for a couple days (he’s back now, creepers) and I was left to shovel my self back into the driveway.  Yes, back INTO the driveway.  I had a commute to Madison yesterday.  It was about an hour and a half on the way there and two and a half on the way home.  What is normally 6 lane interstate was only 2 lanes for a good portion of the drive.  I half-assed the shovel job, the whole while, cursing my husband for not just buying a damn snow blower.  I shoveled just enough for me to fit my car through in the morning.  I did not take into consideration: I don’t drive well in ‘drive,’ much less ‘reverse,’ so getting through my ‘tunnel’ shall be an interesting task in the morning.  …if it’s still there.  The tunnel that is.  Son of a B, it’s still snowing. (…I’m writing this Monday night)

Craig, you are never, ever allowed to leave me home alone during the months of November through April until there is a snow blower living in our garage.

Shovel Collage

  • I learned that the scary neon yellow substance I found under my car (in the snow) isn’t necessarily anything to freak out about.  …because I did freak out and send a gajillion pictures to my husband who was meeting with a potential new client.  Sorry hunny, I thought my car was going to explode.  Apparently,  when the salty snow makes contact with a hot exhaust pipe, the resulting melting liquid is that color and leaves people with the impression that their car is going to burst into flames (I am not dramatic.  At all.)yellowHope everyone is staying safe.  I know this crazy weather isn’t just impacting Wisconsin!


  1. I literally feel your pain. I shoveled S’s parking space for him when he returned home that night. Yes. I had to shovel him a space. If I did it too early JA’s would have just parked in it. I thought for sure 1 hour would be enough but NO! I was 2/3 the way done when he pulled up. And HOLY CRAP was I sore the next day all the way through Monday. My pecks were SCREAMING Monday as I was cleaning house.

    While I LOVE shoveling snow, I don’t love shoveling that kind of snow. It’s heavy as S!! Holy cow!!



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