The Blanket Exploded (again)

Let me begin by saying that I love my pups to the moon and back.  Really.  They make my life infinitely more happy, exciting, and interesting.


Interesting isn’t always a good thing, is it?

Who remembers this little number I posted on my Instagram feed less than ten months ago?:

Rudy PillowThis victim?  The pillow.

Who remembers this one? 1 comforter, 2 pissed off fur-parents, 3 holes, 4 legs responsible.  Rhymes with “moody,” which is what we were at the time:

down comforterFast forward to Saturday morning.

Ahhh, it felt so nice to wake up for a bit and then doze back off.  Rudy was so sweet to even stay to cuddle with me.  Usually he gets up with papa to go outside and eat.  But, Saturday mornin’ mama got some extra snuggles.

And then I woke back up.

To feathers.

Lots and lots of feathers.


I mean, you guys know Rudy has quite the track record.  But, I want to believe that it was an honest mistake.  I know, I know, with his history, it’s super hard to believe, but hear me out.

Rudy is obsessed with these stuff-less toys we bot them.  Obsessed.  It just so happens that his stuffie of choice that morning was a gray raccoon.  It just so happens that our duvet cover is also gray.  I don’t think he meant to.  Really.  He just got super into it and got carried away.

rudy shaming I mean, you can barely see Ricky Raccoon laying on there, right!?

When it came time to tell Craig, I obviously prefaced it with, “Okay, I’m going to tell you something but you have to promise not to be mad.”

Just by my saying that – he was already mad.  #oops

In the end, he gave me a week to “fix the situation” and my solution cannot include buying a new comforter.  Sooo, looks like the down comforter is going to be getting a hack-sew job.

comforter holeBut, Rudy is still alive.  So, it’s a win.  Right?



  1. Ha! Poor comforter! I totally feel your pain! Rylie DESTROYS anything with stuffing with in minutes of getting her grubby teeth on it. We found Chuck-it balls are her go to toy. She has yet to kill one! Ya may wanna look into them. Good luck!


    1. We’ve had awesome luck with nylabones – those things are awesome. They last MONTHS. But, Rudy still prefers his stuffies. Our other pup, Myles, is addicted to the nylabones!


  2. Soo….hack job sewing the comforter then buy a duvet! Problem solved! You didn’t a new comforter, you just bought a new cover for it! 🙂

    Missy can’t have stuffed toys for that reason…I’ll have to send you the Die gingerbread man DIE pics. They’re hilarious…to me at least.



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