New Job, New Personalities

New personalities are just one of the things to adjust to when starting a new job.  The whole experience can be quite stressful, can’t it?  Even just not knowing where to find the pen stash or the printer paper can cause a little bit of stress.

So far, things have been good.  But, they’ve been s-l-o-w.  I have some formalized training that starts next month (I have to be away from home for two weeks, sad panda), but until then, I’m just treading water.  I’m useless.  And because I read a really scary computer-usage policy, I can’t even browse Facebook or Bloglovin’ to pass the time.

social mediaI spent a decent amount of time at my ‘old job’ passing the time this way.  It’s been devastating to have to find ways to actually engage all day!  #lifeishard

So, since I am not given anything to do, I spend most of the day chatting with other staff.  But, that’s been tough too.  This is the first “management” position I’ve had and I’m not sure how to navigate work relationships in that capacity.  I mean, I want to be human and I want to get to know them, but I feel like maybe I shouldn’t engage in the same conversations that I’m used to having with co-workers.  Sigh.  Something new to navigate.

new guyOne female has made sure to make it crystal clear that she knows everything about everyone (no, seriously, I think she might).  I don’t think she is super pumped to have another person to report to.  This is the first time that there has been an assistant manager in this location and I have a feeling that she will all but refuse to acknowledge my position.

I’ve already got a good sense for most of the personalities, but I think the one I’m most unsure about is my own boss.  I think he likes me?  But, sometimes I feel like I just annoy him.  Outside of him, I’ve already nailed down the nice guy, the one that’s “too cool for school”, the sweet girl who stays uninvolved, the one that wants to desperately to fit in, the know it all, and the one most like me (sarcastic, funny, and awesome).

6monthsIn the past few years, I haven’t held a job longer than a year.  Mostly due to Craig’s relocation requirements – but, I’m still afraid that it’s set me up to get restless sooner rather than later.  I took this job with the intention that I’d have it for an extended period of time.  Here’s to hoping I can settle in, enjoy it, and stick around.

Any tips for starting a new job in a management role?


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