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leapoffaithI’ve said ‘goodbye’ to higher education and ‘hello’ to banking.

Yep.  I took the leap.  I left my cushy (albeit easy and poorly compensated) job within higher education administration to try my hat again with a financial institution.

What!?  Jessi, you just moved back, got your higher ed job, bought a house, moved twice…

I know.  Crazy, huh?  I had just started to feel restless.  I started to feel like my graduate-level education wasn’t serving me.  I started to feel under-appreciated.  So, I started looking.

And after a couple months and the most intense interviewing process I have ever been through, I was offered the job in December.  And yes, it really was the most intense process ever.  Four interview sessions, with people as high up as the VP (of a large institution!); the shortest was a half hour phone interview, but all of the in-person interviews were at least an hour and a half!  I guess I can just be really confident that they felt I was the right fit (!?!?!??!!)

Because of the “busy season” in the office I was leaving, I didn’t start my new job until this last Monday (the 13th – good luck, hopefully?).  Despite some of the feelings I had about my previous employment, I knew that couldn’t/shouldn’t leave them high and dry in the midst of a very busy time.  So, I was able to negotiate a start date.

So, I’m about four days into my new gig and I’m feeling better than ever about my decision.  Not only is an opportunity to develop my management skills and potentially move onto bigger things within the company – the people have been fantastic.  Honestly.  They’ve welcomed me with open arms.  They’ve taken an interest in getting to know me.  No one is unfriendly or rigid or anything awful.  It seems like a super great group of people.  I mean how could they not be – if they went through a process like I did!?  This place is very sure of all of the people they bring on board, that’s for sure.

Banking!?  You went from higher education to banking!?

You betcha, I did!  I worked at a bank through undergrad, for about a year after graduating, as well as through graduate school.  In all, I’d say I have about 4 years of service in the industry.  It isn’t foreign to me by any means, but I certainly have my work cut out for me as I get up to speed on their policies and procedures.

There are lots of changes happening in our little world right now, so bear with me, as things might get a little quiet ’round these parts for a wee-little-bit.

What big chances have you taken?
Anything you’ve ever regretted?


One comment

  1. How exciting! I know how boring it is to not be mentally stimulated at your job. You do get restless and… bored. I can’t wait to hear all about your new adventure! ❤



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