Christmas Card Organization

basketThis basket contains cards and memorabilia dating back to high school!  There is a whole bunch of memories and they aren’t organized whatsoever.  I typically only save things that have special meaning (read: if it’s a card you just signed your name to, it probably didn’t make the cut, sorry).  Items saved include: pretty much anything and everything Craig has ever given me, tickets to big events, playbill from big shows we see, cards from a variety of occasions…you get the idea.

It’s going to take a hot minute for me to gather the mental strength to tackle organizing that beast.  But, I figure the least I could do is – moving forward organizing things as they come!

By “as they come”, I really mean leave them in plain sight, in Craig’s way, allowing Craig to ask multiple times for “something to be done” with them.  In no less than two weeks something will be done with them.  If he is lucky.  I have a bad habit of accumulating crap on the dining room table, it drives him cray-zay.

Christmas Card Organization - What The Efff blogAnyway, where was I?  First up, Christmas cards!  I didn’t think to do this previously and I sure wish I would’ve.  We get some of the best Christmas cards.  There are a number of people in our family that make their own cards, include newsletters, photos, etc.  I love reading them.  It’s like a snapshot of someone’s life.

coverTo keep them organized, I’ve simply punched a hole in each corner and fastened them all together with a loose leaf ring.  I added a “front” and “back” cover, too.  I wrote “2013” on the front, so I’ll forevermore know they are the cards we received that year.

openedI picked up a Christmas-y photo box from Michaels ($1.50, holla!) and I’ll continue to add bundles to it each year.


And after I took to pictures, I realized that I totes needed to label the box.  So, I just used some silver glitter washi tape (Target dollar section!).  I mean, looking at the box, it’s clearly Christmas, but just in case I ever lose my mind, the label will be nice 🙂

xmas labelEasy peasy!  Now to tackle the remainder of this place that has totally gotten out of control.  With the weather being so chilly, it’s hard to really do much, isn’t it?  I want to start a project only to decide that I need access to the garage or storage shed in order to do it.  Which is most likely just an excuse, but I’m stickin’ to it!


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