Max, the German Shepherd

What a great weekend.  Saturday, especially.  Well, Sunday was pretty fab, too.  It was jam-packed with excitement and time with people I love.

Before, I get to Max, let’s recap the rest of my day.

Sam I finally got to meet my friend Laura’s new addition, Sammy.  Isn’t he the cutest!?  His cheeks!  Gah!  Laura was the most adorable pregnant woman ever, in the history of the universe, so there was no doubt Sammy was going to be a looker.  I haven’t seen Laura since her baby shower, so I was pumped when I got a text last week requesting a lunch date with all the girls.  I met Laura and Wendi while working in college and I met Heather through them.  We just click.  It’s fabulous.

If you know me, you know I hate going out for Italian.  $12+ dollars for a plate of noodles?  Um, no, I’ll pass.  But, their restaurant of choice is always the Olive Garden, much to my dismay joy.  Whatever, I don’t care what I’m eating if it means time with them.  I don’t see them nearly enough.

And, of course, whenever I make the trip west, I always stop to see grandma.  I love that little lady to pieces.  I get the bonus of seeing her sister, my aunt Eileen, on every stop, too, since they live together.  I love spending time talking with them and just being with them.  They’re so special.

And now, the namesake of this post.  Max.

max1Max, the German Shepherd.

Back story:  Allie and I have a tendency to taunt each other will adorable, adoptable dogs.  Y’all know how nuts I am about my furballs – and it’s safe to say Allie is on the same level.  She owns a dog-walking company in Denver for goodness sakes, dogs are her life.  Lucky girl.


For months now, she has been looking for a German Shepherd to join her pack.  She currently has the cutest little Bichon, Sammie.  He is such a character.  And for Sammie, the bigger the better.  He loves playing with the big boys, so a German Shepherd will be a great fit.

A few weeks ago, a girl I went to high school with (Shelby) posted about Max.  A couple she knew was divorcing and no one wanted the dog.  Yeah, you read that right, no one wanted Max and he needed a home asap.  So, naturally, I shared it with Allie.  Who then contacted Shelby.

Long story short, I offered to go meet Max.  To see how he interacted with new people, new dogs, etc.  With Allie have a dog walking company, it’s important he is good with other dogs and people.  I know Allie and Sammie well, so I thought I would be the perfect person to go meet the little man.  He is currently living with some guy (not the ex husband or wife).  And I eagerly volunteered to go to this strange man’s house to meet Max.  Don’t worry, mom, he lives with his parents and everything was fine.  Craig even “okay’d” it before I went.  No stranger danger here!

Max was awesome.  Awesome.  He is so sweet and beautiful.  Oh my gosh, he is a regal-looking dog.  After giving Allie a full report, she now has to decide what to do.  Will she make the trip back to pick up a new furrend friend?  It’s a huge decision – the trip from Wisco back to Denver isn’t any walk in the park.  And the decision to add to your pack is pretty significant, too!

I’ll keep y’all posted.

Like I said, Sunday was pretty flippin’ awesome, too.  Namely, I got to Skype with my sister – and that’s enough to make any day pretty fab!

Have a great week!



  1. OMG! He’s so pretty!! I hope hope HOPE she does take him. I can’t believe EITHER of them wanted the dog. Their furr baby. *sigh* S and I would almost fought over who’d take the dog when we almost separated. He wanted visitation rights and all that. Breaks my heart. I hope she does take him. He needs a stable home. 🙂



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