Doggie Danger

This poster popped up on my Facebook feed not too long ago and I thought it was really interesting!  Take a look-see at all the dangerous things your doggies shouldn’t be ingesting –   Some of those side-effects are pretty darn scary, eh?

Doggie DangerI mean, to an extent it’s common sense, right?  Dogs shouldn’t eat people food.  But, hey, my pups get an occasional table scrap.  I can vouch for the facts about dairy mentioned here.  Myles gets gassy when we feed him cheese.  But, he just loves it so. 

Despite the fact I’ve had dogs my entire life, I had no idea there were hotlines for pet poison.  Perhaps that’s because I’ve never had a poison emergency with my dogs (knock on wood).  You best believe those things went into my cell phone for an emergency when I can’t get a hold of a vet.

So, next time you have a table scrap, do a quick mental check and make sure it’s something that your little buddy can handle without any consequences.

Myles and Rudy thank you for helping protect their brothers and sisters!


While we are talking about pet safety, also remember that your pets are sensitive to the weather, too!  Be aware of how much time they’re spending outside in this polar vortex.  I know that our dogs can barely walk sometimes after just going out to do their business.  This weather has been brutal on their little paws.  They’re out for just enough time to do their thang and run back to the door.  Even if you have an “outside” dog, consider letting them in (even if it’s the basement) for the days it gets so frigid.  They love you!



  1. Picture this…cupcakes in the CENTER of the coffee table. Me away from the coffee table for not even 1 minute maybe 2. Then…yup. You guessed it. 3 chocolate cupcakes VANISHED when I got back. Me FREAKING OUT!!! So, yeah. I know about the pet poison line.

    Missy gets stuff from the cutting board: carrots, potatoes, zucchini, orange, apples, mushrooms (the white button kind), celery, peppers. Ya know. Stuff you’re chopping to cook with. Even eggplant!! LOL You give it to her, she’ll eat it. LOL Takes after her mother.


    1. Oh my gosh! Haha, I’ve never known dogs to enjoy veggies! I’ve even tried to give my dogs carrots before – and they spit it out and stare at me like REALLY, mom, really?
      Glad Missy was okay! I’ve heard conflicting things about chocolate – about it depending on the kind, amount, etc ingested.



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