COLD (!!!!!)

Jessi GameThis is not to be confused with my post from Friday, entitled Cold.

Because this is about the coldest temperatures I can remember IN MY LIFE.

Here you can see me all bundled up for the Packer Game yesterday.

You’re looking at 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, a sweat shirt, 2 pairs of socks, winter jacket, 2 scarves, 2 pairs of gloves, winter boots, earmuffs, a hat, hand warmers and toe warmers.

And my toes STILL got cold by half time.

Yesterday brought a low of 2 degrees during game time, with wind chills of about -11.

I had promised my parents I wouldn’t be stupid, so when I could literally not feel my toes, I sort of panicked.  It wasn’t like, ‘oh my toes are frozen,’ it was beyond that.  I had promised them I wouldn’t be silly about a damn Packer game, so with my panic came a little bit of crabbiness with Craig.  But, I independently ventured around the atrium of Lambeau and a good 12 minutes of walking around got my toes toasty warm again.  Crisis averted.

Also, hand warmers say that they are good for 8 hours.  That’s a lie.  I’m so thankful I had a set for the first half and another for second half.  I might’ve lost a finger otherwise.

Here’s the crazy thing.  This post isn’t about the cold of yesterday.  It’s about the cold today.

Y’all.  Parts of Wisconsin were down to -70 today, with wind chill.  THAT IS INCREDIBLE.  Here it got down to about -42, with wind chill.  I honestly can’t remember it ever being that cold.  Oh, but it has.  Back in ’96.  I was in, like, elementary school then, so I obviously don’t really remember it.  I surely won’t be forgetting these few days anytime soon.

Schools were closed today.  They’re closed through tomorrow.  It’s just craziness.

You know what else is crazy?

I will still take these arctic temperatures over the incredible heat I endured in Tennessee.

Yep. I said it.


Granted, today has been a little much for me.  But, we northerners handle it like you southerners handle the heat – we just stay inside with our furnaces on.  Instead of walking around half naked, we layer on the clothes.  Both extreme temperatures are dangerous and you have to be smart.

But, I’d still rather sit in -11 at a Packer Game than in 110+ degree heat.  I’ll take the cold over the rain, too.  Or any of that other stuff.

Call me cold-hearted.  Warm-blooded.  Whatever.  You’ll never change my mind!

Here are some other fun pictures from the past couple days:

Craig giving his wardrobe a practice run.  He was convinced that if he didn’t actually put it on to practice, he’d end up forgetting something.  Silly boy:

Craig Test RunLA-LA-LA-LAMBEAU!  Doesn’t it just look cold?

Frozen Tundra 2Craig Jessi Lambeau



  1. i love how you don’t mind that cold. people around here are always complaining about it and your like mehhh better than the heat. haha i love it. i hope you had fun at the game! wish it would have ended differently!


    1. People legitimately get agitated with me when I say that! haha
      I know – it was a rough loss. And we didn’t have the club seats this time, so my happy ass was on the bleachers – BRRR!



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