You know what I’m doing on Sunday?  I’m headed to the football game at Lambeau.

Have y’all heard of the Ice Bowl?  That happened in Green Bay.  The temperature was at -15 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of -48.

icebowl1967While it isn’t supposed to get quite as cold as it did that day in 1967, we have managed to find a forecast predicting it will be colder than the South Pole.  And they’re predicting it will be the third coldest NFL game in history.

They’ve been having some problems offloading the remaining 3,000-ish tickets.  It could be the first game in over 20 years that hasn’t been sold out at Lambeau.  Ya think the temperatures have something to do with that!?

But, me?  I can’t seem to sit through an entire game at home – I’m more of a second half kinda gal – but give me the chance to go to a playoff game and I’ll sit through its entirety in Arctic temps!  What exactly is wrong with me?  Or Craig?  Or the other couple that agreed to go with us?

How’s that for hardcore fan-dom?  Think warm, happy thoughts for me!



  1. Boot warmers are your friend…and LOTS AND LOTS OF LAYERS!! I was sporting my Colombia omni-heat boots today in our cold temps. Omni-heat ROCKS!!

    More power to ya hun! There’s no way I’d do that. I’m always too friggin cold for stuff like that. HAVE FUN!! 🙂



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