Wiggle, Wiggle, Ruff

I’ve been on a pretty good posting streak, yeah?  Well, I’m starting to feel a bit tired of it again, so Rudy kindly offered to take over for the day.  I just gave him a list of questions and he ran with it (tore it to shreds and left it in the lawn for us – ifyaknowwhatimsayin).  Rudy, meet everyone.  Everyone, meet Rudy.

Rudy PackerHowdy, y’all.  I still have a bit of an accent, that’s what being born in middle Tennessee will do to a pup.  I’m awfully thankful I found my way to mom & dad’s house – that tree stump I was found in was mighty cramped with my four brothers.  And honestly, I just got plain tired of waking up with someone elses’ ass in my face.

I work hard being the best cuddler in the world and making sure to take up as much canine-ly possible at bedtime.  Did I mention that I’m also one of the best nylabone chewers you’ll ever meat meet?  Oh, and my favorite team is the Green Bay Packers.  Just kidding, dad paid me to say that.  He’s hardcore.  A hardcore Packer fan that is.

Rudy, you’re a southern gentleman, what do you think of all this snow!?

PSH.  I love it.  I mean, I couldn’t be a real wild dog if I didn’t right!?  Myles is a freaking pansy, he can’t handle it, but this man?  This man not only handles it, he dominates it.  Honestly, I’d live my days outdoors all-day, every-day if you weren’t so paranoid I’d run away.

Rudy SnowSo, you want to be an outdoor dog then?

Aw, hellz no.  I’d never give up that queen-sized bed you gave me.  By the way, can we please talk about getting you and dad the hell out of it?  I’m tired of sharing.

Ahem – Rudy, that’s OUR bed.  If dad had his way, you’d be on the floor with Myles.  You have me to thank for “your” queen-sized bed.

You can think what you want. Hey, while we’re talking about comfort, can we please address the fact that I’m 2 years old (practically ancient!) and you’re still stickin’ me in that damn kennel every day?

I’m the one asking questions here, Rudy.  But, really – need I remind you of this?:

Rudy bootor this?

Rudy Toy Collage


IMG_1419ROFL.  That so wasn’t me.

Right. Anyway. What would you say is your most favorite thing to do?

Golly, I don’t know.  Eat peanut butter?  Chase my tail?  Hump my brother – to show him what’s up. Sleep? Cuddle?  I’m more talented than I thought!  But, seriously, we need to talk about the kennel.

Let it go, Rudy.

No, but for realz…

WELL, I can tell this won’t go any further.  Thanks, but no thanks, Rudy.  I think that’s all for today!  Maybe now I can talk Myles into joining us one of these days!

RUDY Collage


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