Women and Football

I don’t hate football.  I just don’t love it.

I don’t love that for at least three hours a week it totally consumes my husband.  And I mean totally consumes.  I mean, I had to negotiate in order to have my wedding on a Packer Sunday for goodness sake.  (note: we did end up at a bar shortly after our reception, watching what was left of the game)

September 2012

And you know, when we first got married, it was a major source of conflict.  I would get pissed when Craig told me that “no, we aren’t going to go shopping for a new duvet cover right now, the Packers are on.”  And my response would be something like, “No, I will not let my day, life, week, whatever revolve around a trivial game, played by a group of overpaid man-babies.”  Okay, most of them aren’t man-babies, but can we please talk about the fact that Rodgers was out for far too long nursing his hairline fracture?  Because I’m an MD an all, I totes know he was just being a weenie. #sarcasm

Honestly, I don’t care that much about Rodgers.  I just know about it because of my husband.  Remember?  Packer fan?  Huge Packer fan?

My old coger

Anyway.  The point is, in the two years that we’ve lived together, I’ve had a reality check.  Craig’s world doesn’t revolve around me.  (gasp!)  I’ve come to accept that it’s likely he will be totally unavailable to me for at least three hours a week.  And he’s come to accept that there are circumstances that may arise that he just doesn’t get those three hours a week.  All’s happy.

I don’t have any special wisdom about it.  Is that what you thought I was getting to?  Sorry.  No, instead I’ve over-shared all of this to get to this video.  It’s freaking hilarious.  What if women liked football more then men?


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