And just like that it’s over.  Until the madness begins again in about 340ish days from now.

Our tree will stay up until New Year’s, but I already know our living room will feel “empty” without it.  Sad panda.

Maybe I can get a tree to stick in the corner.  My grandma has some nifty Money Trees.  They get good-sized.  But, could I keep it alive?  That’s the question.  Better yet, could I make it grow real money?money-treeI digress.

My living room might get a bit bare, but my heart will remain full. Awwww, cheesy.

But, really.  It’s been a very happy holiday season.  Time with family and friends – and exciting new beginnings on the horizon.

So, as we prepare for the new year – what are you thinking of including as resolutions?  I’ve never put much thought or energy into setting a new year’s resolution, but a conversation with my sister has lead to us not only setting them for ourselves, but for each other as well.

No one will ever quite know me as my sister does.  She thought it would be a fun little challenge to give each other a few little things to work on or resolve to do in the coming year.  It’s something that will help us stay connected even though she is thousands of miles away.

Where am I going with this?  I’m challenging each of you to start thinking about a resolution or two.  Something realistic.  Meaningful.  Helpful.  Whatever.  Make it count.  Want it, so you can stick to it.  Spend the next few days really giving it some thought, so when the clock strikes midnight on the thirty-first, you can begin the new year with the determination and desire needed to work toward an accomplishment you maybe hadn’t thought of otherwise.

Rest up, my friends.  The new year’s a-comin’.  Let’s make it a good one!



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