Some of My Favorite (Christmas) Things

Happy Christmas!

I be missin’ my parents and sister like whoa! but, overall, this holiday season has been quite good to me.

I have watched and read a number of hilarious holiday-related things, but here are three of my favorite.  Enjoy – and Merry Christmas!

one.  Christmas Jammies.  Y’all – I saw this video was it was at a “measly” 2,000 views…now it’s at over 11 MILLION.  It’s some sort of awesome.

two. Another video – Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner caroling on the streets of NYC.  Baby Arrow cracks my shit up.

three. This short article written about Things Clint Hates About Christmas.

Enjoy your family and friends, folks – It’s back to work far too soon!



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