Christmas Q&A

The last couple weeks, Sunday Social has been chock-full of holiday-related questions.  In the spirit of Christmas, here are some remaining answers I know you’ve been dying to read.  It’s all Christmas ’round these parts until Wednesday!

Eggnog or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate!  I gave eggnog a second chance this year and I can get maybe a swallow down before I’ve had enough.  There is just something about egg yolks in a drink that freak me out…shockingly Craig enjoys it very much.  …yes, the same Craig that asks me to sort his lettuce leaves.

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
He wraps them.  Which is also how I learned of this Christmas secret…turns out “Santa” got lazy one year and used the same paper mom did wrapping presents. 😉

Colored lights on tree/house or white?
White!  Growing up, my mom always put these big, blue bulbs on the house and it was gorg, especially when there was snow on the ground.  The multi colored lights are growing on me, but I still prefer the classic look of white/blue.

classic lights^^Not our lights or our house, but isn’t that purdy?  Not at all overdone.  Perfect!^^

Do you hang mistletoe?
No.  But, if I find some that doesn’t look totally cheesy we have the perfect place to hang it in our house.  I found mistletoe crystals at Kohl’s.  Tacky.

When do you hang your decorations up?
As soon as humanly possible after Turkey Day!

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?
Grandma’s pea salad.  It was always a holiday staple.  My least favorite is ham.  Ick.

Favorite holiday memory as a child?
I think one of my favorite memories, looking back, was the year Kelsey and I got some dress-up clothes on Christmas Eve.  I don’t remember who they were from, but I do remember Grandpa Wally helping us dress up.  There’s just something really special about a man who knew how to get shit done, putting boas and crowns on his little granddaughters.  Mom has always said one of her favorite things was seeing her dad with us.

Do you open a gifts on Christmas Eve?
Growing up we opened gifts from Grandma and Grandpa and aunts/uncles.  Christmas Day was left for Santa and mom/dad’s gifts.

Snow? Love it or dread it?
FREAKING LOVE IT.  Myles isn’t so sure…

snowy mylesReal tree or fake tree?
REAL.  I lost the debate in my family, but my preference will always be real.  The smell…mmmm.  Though, I will say, I’m quite happy with the imposter Craig and I have picked out.

Do you remember your favorite gift?
Every year I got my socks knocked off.  My parents/grandparents/extended family have always been so good to Kelsey and me.

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?
Family.  Some of my most favorite memories surround Christmas.  I’ve talked before about how much I adored my Grandpa Wally and many of the most vivid memories I have of him are at Christmas.  I miss him very much.

Do you prefer giving or receiving?
Giving.  I mean it.  Every year, I try to give at least one handmade gift to my mom and Grandma Faye.

Candy canes, yuck or yum?

elf food groupsWhat do you leave for Santa?
Santa doesn’t get shiz anymore, but he always got milk and cookies when I was a kid!

Do you prefer to shop on-line or at the mall?
Online.  I don’t like crowds and the holiday season means lots of crowds!

Christmas letter or Christmas card?
Currently, Christmas card.  Maybe as time goes on and we have more exciting things (like kids!) to share news about, we might do a Christmas letter.  I”ll share a copy of our Christmas cards with you all on Wednesday!



  1. You totally need to Google Coquito…or just give me a couple of days to put that post it. It’s Puerto Rican eggless eggnog. FAN-effing-TASTIC! I made some for work and there wasn’t any left to take home. I MAY have to make another batch.

    Merry Christmas hun!



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