Friday Five

This been a crazy week, folks.  Just insane.  I’m excited to share all of the new happenings with you at some point, but now is not that time.  Soon!  (insert the obligatory: “no I’m not pregnant” disclaimer).

The holidays are on our front step – how did that happen so quickly?  I’ve been super excited for the Christmas season, but it doesn’t feel overly Christmas-y to me.  Maybe it’s because I don’t get to spend it with my family?  I mean, yes, I’ll be with my family of three (Craig, Myles, and Rudy), but it will be only the second Christmas ever that I’m not with my mom and dad.  Wah.  The first time sans parents it was rough, I don’t foresee this year being any easier.  Can we just skip to next year?  Sometimes being an adult is no fun.

Anywho.  Here are five things that I am lovinggg this week:

one. This shirt.  How awesome is this freaking shirt!?

feliz navidadtwo. This tree.  I’m thinking maybe moving forward Craig and I can compromise on the tree situation.  How cute is this baby tree on a table!?

mini treethree. We finally got our “guest book” framed from our wedding.  Black Friday sales meant hella cheap framing.  Now we just need the perfect place to hang it! (I totally meant to get a picture, but I forgot, I’ll get one on Instagram this weekend!)

four. Kimmie and Allie will be near for an extended period of time.  I should see Kim far more than I do and I’m thrilled to pieces that Allie Rose is back in the same state.  Hopefully it means I will be kept busy as a bee!  A couple oldies but goodies of two of my favorite gals:
32518_976378073437_8623293_56692219_1590823_nIMG_0092five. Fridays mean fish fry.  It’s one of the biggest things I miss about Wisconsin – you just can’t find a good fish fry outside of the midwest!  We have a couple favorite bars that we frequent for said fry.  One place has the better fish, the other the better service.  Ugh.  Why does it have to be so hard to choose!?

Have a splendid weekend – steer clear of the shopping centers if possible.  If you’re like me, you might get an overwhelming desire to smack some folks that be cray cray.



  1. Sadly, we’re heading to one of those outlet malls tomz. I sxaz at shopping… 😦

    LOVE the tree. You totes should have your own tree. S is talking a tree in every room when we get our house! INSAGN!

    Merry Christmas if I don’t “see” ya around the blogosphere.



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