What?  Shouldn’t I play the part?

Apparently, I look like a lion.  Thank to my curls.  And the dreadful dry winter air.  Shout out to the lovely dance mom last night who all but directly pointed out I was having a bad hair day and in dire need of a hair cut.  I know.

Mom: “I’m only saying this because you have really curly hair, but I need to tell you about this product.”

Me: “Oh?”

“Yeah, it’s called Deva Curl…”

“Oh yeah, I already use that.”

– she stares at the monstrosity on my head…clearly not believing me –

“Oh, well, okay, it’s wonderful isn’t it?  Then, I need to tell you about this salon where you can go to get special hair cuts…”

“Yep, a Deva cut.  I go to a salon in shut-the-hell-up-ville to get one.”

Riddle me this, dance mother:  Maybe it’s because it’s the dead of winter?  Or maybe because I worked all day long and rushed to get there because rush hour traffic was awful per usual?  Perhaps a combination of the two?

Now.  You might think – awwww, Jess, she was just being nice.  One curly-haired sister to another.

If it was any other dance mom, I might believe you.  But, not this one.

She is full of ‘tude.  Is quite rude.  And just happened to decide to mention it on a self-realized bad hair day.

Listen up, beotch.  Your hair isn’t lookin’ so hot today either.

But, I just smiled and thanked her profusely and assured her that I did know of the magical Deva products and their special hair cuts…all the while cursing the shiz out of her in my head, wishing she would take her dreadful child home and leave me alone.

You don’t think I’m being overly sensitive, do you? 😉

And while we’re at it – for your reading pleasure – 26 Things People with Curly Hair Are Tired of Hearing.



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