Snow Plow

Yesterday was just one of those days.  You know what I mean?  On top of an icky day at work, our 20 minute commute took about an hour thanks to the rush hour snow shower.  I barely had it in me to throw together dinner, but I did.  And by 8:15 – I was ready to head to bed.  So, I un-shamefully brushed and flossed my teeth and headed that way.  And it was glorious.  Until…

snowplowThe snow plow came by.

And it wasn’t the snow plow that woke me up.  It was Myles having a freaking panic attack.  Apparently, Myles has found a new enemy in the plower of snows.  Awesome.  In the years that I’ve had Myles I’ve never heard him have a reaction to the snow plow.  I guess he thought that last night was the perfect night for a meltdown.  Love you too, buddy.

Now, let me clarify, that Myles doesn’t just have a “bark” or a “whine.”  He has this terrible screetching/screaming noise he makes.  And. It’s. Terrible.  Terrible.  My anxiety and heart rate go up the minute I hear it, because it’s just so awful.

mylesThankfully, it didn’t last too long, but it certainly ruined the glorious arrival to my bed that I’d been longing for all day.

What weird phobias do your dogs have?


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