Merry Christmas To Us!

A couple weeks ago, Craig and I went a little nuts buying stuff for the house. We just wanted the living room to be done, instead of living in a half-done room. So we just went and spent.  Because we spent a pretty penny, we decided to not exchange gifts.  Instead, we decided on a day trip to Chicago.  From Milwaukee, it’s super easy to hop a train to the Windy City.  …And then we got the weather forecast, single digits and snow.  Let’s not forget to mention that I thought the train was going to be $48 round-trip, well turns out that was one-way.  We decided not to go.

But, all was well!  We still had the day off.  AND since we are still “new” to Milwaukee area, we decided to have a little stay-cation.  I showed Craig the Public Market and we grabbed lunch at Cafe Benelux.  I’ve done both, but I desperately wanted Craig to experience both.  Benelux has Bloody Mary’s to die for – garlic infused vodka?  Yes, please!

There are a number of museums and things to do in Milwaukee on a cold, blustery day – we decided on the Harley Davidson Museum.  I’m by no means a Harley gal, but growing up my parents rode a lot.  They took trips on Arizona and New Mexico and many summer weekends you could find them riding with their friends.  Even though I’m not a rider myself, the museum was great.  It’s really well done and the collection of things they have to share is very impressive.

EntranceI think my favorite exhibit was Exposed!  They found a bunch of original negatives and created prints.  They’re incredibly vivid.  I love, love, love old photography.  Remember, you can click on the pictures to make them larger!

Exposed CollageThe middle photo was taken very close to where we currently live.  It was neat to look at the road sign and have a good idea of where they were at!  The photo on the right was neat – they set up the man in the black and white picture so that the advertisement artist had something to refer to when creating the ad.  He wanted to be able to get the perspective right.  …the things they did before the technology we have today!

Even cooler is that we happened upon Willie Davidson.  Yeah – like his great grandfather was a founder.  I bet he is doing quite alright!  But, he was there with his son viewing the Exposed! collection.  It was interesting overhearing some of their conversation.

Willie CollageCraig and I both found bikes to take home…

Craig faceOn a bikeLook at some of these tricked out bikes:

Fun Bike CollageFrom left to right – you’ll see a tandum (totally ridiculous.  Had the craziest add-ons), the bedazzle bike (like my dad said, I bet they had fun cleaning that!), and the third I threw in there because of the seat.  Seriously?  Talk about first-class treatment for your hiney!  Takes donut seat to a whole new level!

Here are a couple side cars from through the years…and look at the different color schemes.  They’ve definitely evolved with what is “popular!”

Old Bike CollageHere are more of my favorite pictures:

The Series One.  Made majority of parts stamped with a “1,” it’s believed to be one of the first bikes.  It’s their most valuable bike in their collection.

series 1I love how they have this set up – with the bike in the picture on display right in front of it:

photoWe drive real fast!  Another from the Exposed! collection:

raceSo many bikes to look at…

line arielAnd last, but not least (and totally unrelated), the prince finally got a much-needed bath.  IT’S SO FUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

MylesHave a splendid weekend, all!  Tomorrow I’m off to visit Grandma Faye with my three favorite boys!



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