Dark Chocolate Chunk Popovers


Popovers may be the easiest thing to make.  Ever.

I’ve never ever had one before Sunday.  Friends of mine make them all the time, but I never got to try one.  #sad

About a year and a half ago when it came time register for wedding gifts, a popover pan went on the list.  Why not, right?

Fast forward over a year and I finally pulled that bad boy out of hiding to give my first popover recipe a try.  I changed nothing about the recipe, so to give full credit where credit is due, I’m going to send you to the source.

Dark Chocolate Chunk PopoversHow Sweet It Is is one of my favorite foodie blog.  Her recipes are never stupidly involved or crazy and every single one I’ve tried have been absolutely delicious.  Head on over to see the original recipe for Dark Chocolate Chunk Popovers.  You’ll notice that she served with spiked whipped cream, which is no doubt delicious, I just wasn’t feeling that ambitious.

PopoverI’m excited to continue to morph this recipe into more original, delicious treats!  I’m starting to feel a bit inspired!  Yay for new blog design!




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