Trouble in the Kitchen

sugarcookiesWell, it’s probably quite obvious to you all that I’m struggling with my little blog.  I just don’t know what to talk about anymore!  I get a couple sentences into a post and decide it’s dumb and decide to scrap it.

Part of it is because I’ve been completely uninspired and unsuccessful in the kitchen as of late.  I mean shoot, not only have I lost some creativity, my “regular” dishes have been disastrous.  Whether I burn it, under-cook it, forget an ingredient…poor Craig.

And when I find a new recipe to try I always ask if it’s a “keeper.”  Sadly, Craig has most often replied, “nah, I don’t think so.”  I’ve been in total agreement, so I haven’t had anything new or exciting to share with you all.

Moving into the holiday season, I’m excited to bake cookies and other holiday treats.  My first round of peanut butter blossoms, inspired by my wish to surprise my ma with some chocolate stars, were okay.  I invested in some new, nice cookie sheets and some of the bottoms still found a way to get a little too dark (while the tops looked a little under-cooked).  What the H is going on!?

Side note: Did you know that my mom in Texas and my aunt in Colorado request for chocolate starts to be sent to them?  Apparently, you can find them just anywhere.  And who wants to unwrap Hershey kisses like that?!  I mean, really.

I’m wondering if part of my trouble is my transition to a gas oven.  Do any of you have any tips, tricks, or things to consider?  I simply won’t be able to survive a holiday season if I can’t get my cookie fix!

That cookie picture totes isn’t mine.  But aren’t they beautiful!?  I love ’em.  If you click the picture, it will take you to the source.



  1. I’d start with an oven thermometer. If you’re baking that could be part of the issue. I ABHOR my electric range, but the oven is usually more constant than a gas oven is.

    I burned the SHIT out of everything when we moved from gas to electric. Not to mention the 7 count ’em SEVEN failed attempts one night at bernaise.

    I feel your pain…


  2. Girlfriend. Start making it up. I’m not even kidding–there are so many American ingredients missing from Spain that at one point or another, yah just start to throw in the brown sugar, vinegar, and soy sauce and hope it turns into something you can stir fry vegetables into.

    Obviously with cookies that’s a bit different, but find a weird ingredient and then just google the shit out of it. Maple syrup, brown cream, hazlenut, I don’t know! Just get weird!

    And then make Craig eat it.


    1. ooooo have you had the chance to do a lot of cooking?! you should totes guest post a spain-inspired dish! 🙂

      and yes – craig is and will forevermore be my guinea pig. ahem, i mean taste-tester.



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