Christmas of Craig

Sad news to report:  I didn’t win the Christmas tree debate.  We have an imposter in our living room right now.  Granted, it’s a very nice imposter, but it’s still an imposter.

We went to check out some deals Thursday night and didn’t find anything that I would agree to.  But, Black Friday brought us to the perfect imposter.  My MIL gave me many-a-compliments on it.  It’s pretty legit looking.

Anyway.  Christmas of Craig.

Back story:  Growing up, my mom gave my sister and me a Christmas ornament each Christmas.  They are still a part of their tree and I’m assuming they will be for as long as my parents put a tree up and host Christmas and that’s fine.  Craig’s mom, along with his Grandma Joyce, have given him ornaments each year, too.  Craig’s mom gave him his collection a couple years ago.  It was lovely to have some keepsake ornaments to use on our tree!  Except 90% of his has his face on it.

Craig Ornament Collage

Don’t give me wrong, my husband was probably the most adorable child I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  Makes my heart go mush.  BUT.  Our tree is plastered with Craig’s face.  Plastered.

Craig and I made a deal that I wouldn’t go all-out on decorating this year…that I would wait until it goes on sale at the end of the season and stock up for next year.  So, decorations are a little limited.  Except for the 15+ nutcrackers Craig’s mom brought him this weekend.  Apparently, that’s something else he got each year.  Nutcrackers.

Oh, and Craig has a stocking (with his name on it), front and center in the living room.

It’s seriously like Craig’s childhood threw up in our house.  I love it.  But, I also think it’s a little humorous.  And, that my friends, is why I’ve deemed Christmas 2013 as The Christmas of Craig.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy Holiday Season!



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