Turkey Day Menu

Thanksgiving DinnerDespite the fact I’m cooking for just two tomorrow, I’m trying to make a well-rounded Thanksgiving meal.  I’m excited for the chance to practice!  I’m hoping that in the coming years I’ll be able to host my parents and my sister…or whomever ever wants to come join us!

After talking to a coworker earlier this week, I realized that many people don’t go home to families (for a variety of reasons) and a gathering of friends or a quiet Thanksgiving of two is much more “normal” than I ever thought.  My reality has always been family or vacation, so this is new to me.  But, moving into future Novembers, I’m excited to ask friends to join Craig and me without feeling like I’m an alien!

Craig and I bought a 13 pound turkey. THIRTEEN POUNDS.  She’s currently defrosting at home.  Yes, she’s large (and in charge!), but it was the smallest I could find.  I didn’t want to just do turkey breast…I wanted to try making the whooooole dang thing.

Here’s what else is on the menu:

  • Mayo Roasted Turkey – before anyone cringes, the author swears it doesn’t taste like mayo and instead it helps keep is nice and moist!
  • Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce – I had to talk Craig into this one.  He says he doesn’t like cranberry sauce, because he has only ever seen it come from the can – you know, how it’s all jelly-like and stays in the shape of a can!!  I’ve had that stuff, I don’t mind it, but realized that if I wanted Craig to even think about trying it, I needed a made-from-scratch recipe.  My mom/grandma always make a yummy strawberry/cranberry sauce, but I forgot to ask for the recipe.
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Gravy – I hate gravy.  Craig was okay with some from the jar, so that’s what I’m sticking to.  Ick.  There will also be no stuffing/dressing.  That shiz is nasty.  I refuse to put effort into something so repulsive.
  • Rolls – my family is carb family.  No holiday meal could be without rolls!
  • The Best Ever Pumpkin Cake – I’m sure many of you have had the chocolate version of this, if not, you’re missing out, it’s amazing!  I originally wanted to make pumpkin pie, but  haven’t had any luck making my own.  I was pretty bummed about no pumpkin pie (with a dollop of cool whip as my grandpa Wally would always request!), but when I saw this recipe, I felt a little bit better about not having one around.

And that’s what’s on the docket!  Have a great holiday, happy preparing (don’t stress!), and enjoy the time you have with your husbands, wives, fur babies, and the rest of your family or friends.  I’m looking forward to pictures and recipes that start showing up!  I’m anxious to see your successes!




  1. Good luck with making Thanksgiving for two!! I have always had Thanksgiving as a big meal with family and more family and family friends and just too many people to even remember all their names… oops! But I love it that way! However, I was recently thinking to the future and realizing that it may just be me and someone else one day. Makes me sad but excited all at the same time!!
    But how can you hate gravy?!?!? Oh my word! I put gravy on everything on the table at Thanksgiving!! Except for the stuffing because ickkkk, I don’t eat that stuff! But regardless of your gravy hating, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


    1. Thanks – I’ll take all the luck I can get!
      I do believe I’m one of very few people that dislike gravy! haha, people usually think I’m nuts!
      Have a great holiday!



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