Thankful for Friends

I have spent the last week or so tired and run down.  There have been some bright spots, don’t give me wrong, but I was in desperate need of something.  All of it came to a head on Sunday when Craig and I tried to get pictures of the boys for Christmas cards this year.

As you can so blatantly see in these pictures, Myles and Rudy were not cooperative in any sense of the word.  My frustration with that combined with a husband that would rather be watching halftime of the Packer game let to quite the disagreement.  These are a couple of my “favorite” from that little sesh:

Christmas Disaster Collagexmas disaster 2xmas disaster 5Disaster.

Yesterday was one of a hundred times since we’ve moved back I’ve been incredibly grateful for Tom and Lindsey.  Tom helped Craig get his job where he is, allowing us to move back for stability.  They worked together previously.  I’ll always be thankful for that.  But, since we’ve moved back and I’ve gotten to know Lindsey, an awesome friendship has developed.  They’ve been married for six years and have been through everything you can possibly imagine.  Wise beyond their years, they’re great people to talk to when Craig and I hit speed bumps along the way.  I don’t have enough kind things to say about these two.

Anyway, when I was chatting with Lindsey about the epic failure you see above, she reminded me that she has done professional photography and insisted I come over that night to get pictures of my boys done.  I’m not a “last-minute” gal, so making last minute plans, on a Monday, was overwhelming for me.  I got home from work and I was tired and crabby, but all of that went away the minute we got to their place – dogs and Chinese takeout in tow.  It was so. much. fun. Lindsey is so talented and such a blast to be around.  I had a ball being silly with the pups.

Here are just a couple snapshots I got during the mini-session last night.  Maybe after we send our cards I’ll share some of what Lindsey shot.   Myles is such a little poser.  He knows how to make his mama happy!

Reindeer MylesSanta RudyAnd then, of course, Myles had to pick a fight with Zoe, so he got sent to timeout.  But, Rudy and Zoe had a grand ‘ole time playing.  It was a much-needed Monday night!

Zoe Rudy playing2

the blur

the blur



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