Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, also known as that holiday that gets lost before Christmas

I was at the mall yesterday to make a return and you’d have no idea it was less than a week from Thanksgiving.  In fact, you’d think Christmas was this week, instead.  I know plenty of people all up in arms about this and I can’t say that I understand why.  Everyone has a choice as to when they want to decorate and if it bothers you to have Christmas lights up before Turkey Day, then might I suggest you exercise your right to wait until after this Thursday?

I’m indifferent, mostly, but I have to admit that the lights and trees starting to pop up are getting me quite excited for my first Christmas in our home.  I’m excited to have my own tree, lights, ooooh and the decorations, the smell of cookies baking…mmm…


But, back to Thanksgiving.  When Thursday rolls around, you’ll find Craig and me at home…with a turkey in the oven.  Yes, despite the fact it’s just the two of us, I’ve made the decision to make the bird.  I’ve never ever done it before, I haven’t even watched my mom prepare one (I was usually still sound asleep when she was doing all the hard work!).  But, there is a big ‘ole bird in my freezer, so there is no turning back now!  I figure with the help of the world wide web and the good ‘ole youtooooobs, I’ll get ‘er figured out. And if the stars align, I’ll end up with something like this:

thanksgiving turkeyhahahahaha.  yeah.  right.

I figure, what better time to try than when I only have my husband to satisfy?  Granted, he is a picky eater, but there is much less pressure cooking for just him.

Anyone have a killer turkey recipe?  Any tips or tricks?  I’ll take whatever you’re willing to give!



  1. I totes do a turkey when it’s just us. It has been for the last 7 years and ain’t a thing gonna change. Hopefully NEXT year he’ll have a new job and won’t have to work, like he does THIS Thursday. The smallest I found this year was about 11 lbs. Yup. We’ll be eating the beast for weeks. Thankfully, we have a food saver to vacuum seal that B.

    I was picky when I was growing up and my parents made up a casserole because of it. Broccoli Cheese Casserole. It’s Ritz cracker topped broccoli with cheese sauce. It’s easy and tasty. Of course, that is, unless he doesn’t eat broccoli. *snort*

    Have a happy T-day! 🙂


    1. Aw no! What a bummer that he has to work!
      “seal that B” – you make me laugh! haha.
      Craig actually loves broccoli cheese – I might have to make something like that!!!!

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Chris!



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