The Friday Five

No link up today!  It seems like the only time I’ve been posting is when there is a link up and it’s an easy post.  #lazy #uninspired

I have a fun-filled weekend ahead and I’m anxious to make good on the promise I made to myself: take more pictures!  I’ve noticed a direct correlation between my picture-taking and blog posting.

one. I’m super excited to be working with Jessica from Diamond Doll Designs.  After making contact with her in September, it’s finally my turn!  wheeee!  I really like the designs I’ve seen from her, so I’m pretty excited to get a professional all up in here to help.  The identity of my blog has changed quite a bit and I think at this point it needs more help than I can give it!

catchingfiretwo. CATCHING FIRE.  oh em gee. Saturday night, Craig and I are double-dating with another couple.  Our plan is to grab dinner at Quaker, Steak, and Lube and head to the theater to see movie two in the Hunger Games Trilogy.  Boys got to pick the eats, girls got to pick the movie!

treefarmthree. Can someone please jump in and help me convince my husband that we need to have a real tree this Christmas?!  Growing up, we always had a real tree and my parents devastated my sister and me when they deemed themselves “too old” for real trees.  It’s been a couple years since they’ve gone fake and I’m clearly not over it.  Yes, it IS  a very nice artificial tree, but regardless of how “nice” it is – IT’S STILL AN IMPOSTER!

four. Tomorrow, we are heading west to spend time with Grandma Joyce.  We haven’t seen her in what seems like ages.  But, man, that woman is hard to track down! She has a more happenin’ social life than I do!  I’m genuinely looking forward to our visit, she always leaves me with a smile.

five. I might be jumping the gun, but maybe by acknowledging it, it will help me stay on track.  So, each month, Craig and I each get a certain amount of money to spend however we want.  And, um, let’s just say that historically, I have a problem always holding myself to that amount.  WELL.  This month, I managed to get to Tennessee and have lots of fun and still have $1 left in my budget.  A DOLLAR.  Booya.  Anyone who knows me, knows that this is a huge feat.

Have a great weekend – short week, next week.  Thank goodness!

What plans are you looking forward to this weekend and/or beyond?



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