Three Friends, Four Cops, Three Tickets, One Weekend

I’ll have a post about my mini-vacation later this week – but truth be told, I just didn’t take a ton of pictures and the weekend was pretty low-key.  And I loved it.  I love that I can go visit with friends and just “be” with them.  No need to be running around to remain entertained!  No way!  We can just spend time together with great conversation!  Until that time, though, I have to share the three amigos’ run in with the po po this last weekend.  Re-donkulous.

Police LightsThursday morning:  Nashville bound.  Keeping up with traffic.  Cruise control set.  Asshole cop.  Speeding ticket.

Yes, the cop was a total jerk.  And not in a “I’m just mad I got a ticket way.”  More of a “He was on an ego trip.  He picked me from a whole group of vehicles speeding.  He made me cry” kind of way.  Honestly.  Was I going a little quick?  Perhaps.  But, I hate that they can just pick on person out of the flow of traffic and give them a ticket.  The man literally had another car pulled over before he was out of my rear view mirror.  Thursdays must be money-making days in Indiana.  Whateva.  Lesson learned.  Impede traffic.  Go the speed limit.

Thursday night:  Nashville.  With Jo.  Heading home from a fab dinner at Frothy Monkey.  Two cop cars.  Stupid questions.  Stooopid cop.  Ticket for headlamp out.

Yep.  One day, two incidences.  And yes, I feel okay feeling this cop stupid.  He literally walked around to the front of Jo’s car and beat on her headlight.  Because, “sometimes hitting them like that makes them turn on.”  ARE YOU SERIOUS!?  I guess I thought that if you wanted to deal with a bulb that is out you might fiddle with the actual bulb, not the plastic, protective covering. *rolls eyes*  In addition to that special moment, next thing we know, another cop car rolls up with his lights on.  Because, you know, two girls stopped for a headlamp are a serious threat.  We looked like it was a freaking drug bust.  Finally, after waiting for TWENTY MINUTES, Jo was issued a citation.  How much do y’all think that traffic stop cost the tax payers?  More than what they got out of the ticket.  Since all she had to do on Friday was get it fixed, prove it, and it was dismissed.  What waste.

Saturday night:  Nashville.  Allison.  Red light.  Ticket.

Now, I wasn’t WITH Allison when this happened, but I was with her earlier in the day.  AM I BAD LUCK OR WHAT!?  Apparently, little A went through a yellow light that was a bit too stale, it turned red as she entered the intersection, so she got a ticket for running a red light.

What are the chances of that?  I haven’t gotten pulled over since 2010.  Jo…well, I’ve been with her previously when she’s gotten pulled over for light issues.  And Allison?  This is the first ticket she has ever gotten!

Sometimes, you just have to chalk it up to bad luck (and questionable driving skills).



    1. SO mean! And thankfully she didn’t have to pay a thing since she proved she fixed it. I just could’ve believe that in the matter of 48 hours all three of us (law abiding citizens!) had run ins with the fuzz. Ha.



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