Catch Up

You might be wondering what I’ve been up to.  You might not.  Either way, if you keep reading, by the end of this you will know.  If you aren’t interested in pictures here it is in a nutshell: work, Packers, work, work, work, oh and, work.

Thankfully, being busy with work meant that I was actually doing some “fun” stuff.  So while I’m exhausted, I’m not overly crabby about it!

Last Monday, Craig and I headed to Green Bay with some friends to watch the game against the Bears.  We had the same indoor club seats as our first game this season, but it wasn’t nearly as fun.  I think because we worked all day, got there in the dark, Rodgers got hurt, blah blah blah, we just weren’t in the same mood as we were the first time around.

packergrouppacker1packer3packer2I took Tuesday off since Monday was a laaate night – which was stupid of me because my Open House was Thursday.  Which meant I had about a day and a half to wrap up loose ends.  You might remember me mentioning the Open House I planned for the spring – right after I started my job.  Well, that was just a warm up.  This sucker had over 250 people RSVP’d.  And I rocked it.

open house2I got so many compliments about organization and stuff, it made my heart happy.  Yes, I’m bragging.  But, it’s my blog, so I can do that.

open house1Thursday was a 12 hours day, as was Friday.  Friday, I went to the Grand Geneva for a McNair Scholars Event.  What a great bunch of students.  Seriously.  By far the best recruiting event I’ve attended in terms of quality of student.  They are engaged, have great questions, and actually act like adults.  Shockingly, many of the students at other fairs (despite being 20 years old or older) are immature and remind me far too much of speaking to high school seniors, when I did that.  Sigh.  Anyway.  We also hosted a reception while we were there:

McNair Reception

McNair Reception

Side note – Craig and I stayed at the Grand Geneva after our wedding reception.  He had a migraine, so we didn’t end up doing anything there except sleep, so it was nice to be able to see more of the place.  I learned it used to be a Playboy Club.  Who-da thunk?  Playboy in southeastern Wisco.  huh.


I spent my weekend finishing up the Divergent Trilogy.  Okay, seriously.  I was irrationally upset at the end of it.  I decided to re-read the first two before reading the third and I think it got me too invested into it.  I spent Saturday trying to shake this weird feeling of sadness.  Has anyone else experienced that at the end of a book/series?


    1. WEIRD! I thought the same thing when I saw your pictures from the North end zone. We were up there before the game for a bit. One of these times we will cross paths (and realize it!)!!!!



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