A Pretty Great Fall Weekend

This weekend was great. The perfect mixture of busy and relaxing. I’ve spent the last few weeks in a serious funk and this weekend was egg-zactly what I needed. Here is my fun-filled, fabulous weekend in iPhone photos:

I bought a Groupon for a corn maze outside of town:

corn maze entrancecraig corn mazecorn mazeAnd it was okay.  Surprisingly, I preferred the corn maze we did the last two years in Tennessee.  But, it was still fun – the Corn-undrums made for some fun competition between Craig and me:

cornundrumIn case you didn’t get it – it was a Corn-undrum meaning “ears of corn.”  And please excuse my hair – it has a mind of its own AND it was windy!

We were so close to the Elegant Farmer, I insisted we stop by for an apple pie in a paper bag, their specialty.  Well, holy cats.  Apparently, I am not very observant, because I’ve never noticed the huge operation.  I’m usually there during the week when most of it is closed so I was super excited to see apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides, a corn maze…and CIDER DONUTS.  I’ve never had a cider donut, so Craig and I bought a half dozen from the Donut Shack and enjoyed them, still warm!  Mmmmmm…

Elegant FarmerDonut shackAnd since we drove out of the way for the Elegant Farmer and we were hungry for lunch, of course I suggested we go to Fork in the Road a.k.a. one of my most favorite restaurants in the history of restaurants.  It’s seriously SO good without being overdone or super fancy.

Fork in the Road CollageThe soup picture doesn’t look overly appetizing, but trust IT WAS.  Craig had a side salad that was made up with candied walnuts, grapes, non-iceburg lettuce.  So delicious.  For the main dish we both got their well-known macaroni and cheese.  You can choose three mix ins – I added chicken, broccoli, and mushrooms.  To die for.

We came home and enjoyed ParaNorman, a Halloween movie Craig bought for me a few weeks ago.  It was okay, not the best, not the worst.  Hocus Pocus was on TV afterwards and that brought the memories pouring back.  I haven’t seen that movie for YEARS.  Super cheesy, but pretty darn good.

Yesterday I headed west to Madison to see my long-lost friend, Kim.  Being an adult is no fun when you have to schedule a date with friends weeks in advance.  So worth it though 🙂  I definitely needed some “girl” time with one of my bestest friends.  It was gorgeous outside and she lives in a beautiful part of town, so we went for a 2 mile walk.

fall walk with kimAnd then made some Portobella Mushroom Pizzas for a late lunch.  Oh my word, SO good!  And relatively easy!  Here is the original recipe, in case you’re interested.

lunch with kimSince Kimmie is a blogger too, we got a good laugh because we both whipped out our phones with no shame to snap pictures.  Kim commented she doesn’t have to feel weird doing it because she knew I’d probably follow suite.  She is so right!

Thanks for humoring me and letting me share my weekend adventures.  It was a good one – and it was definitely needed!  Have a great week!




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