My New Dancin’ Gig

keepcalmIn my short 26 years, I have learned how important networking is.  I’ve gotten jobs and found numerous ways to get involved using networking as a tool.

Most recently?  I’ve become a recreational department coordinator for a school district’s dance program.  It’s super part time, just two nights each week.  It’s beyond perfect because it means some extra cash for us to continue to update our home and it will allow me to remain involved in dancing.

If you all remember this winter/spring when I was dancing with a group, I quickly learned that my memory and body weren’t what they were in college and high school.  It was a tough pill to swallow, that’s for sure.  This latest opportunity will let me be around dancing without the mental or physical strain.  They are looking at giving the program and overhaul and I’m excited that I have the chance to contribute to the changes that are a-comin’.

My role is really to mentor the teachers (they’re mostly high school dance team girls), be a contact for parents, and do the administrative work.  This could potentially mean planning a recital!  Cue: happy dance.  There is nothing this girl loves more than little kids in tutus.  Well, okay, there isn’t a ballet class, but little kids in costumes make me smile. <— wait, does that sound creepy?

I’m really excited for a variety of reasons.  I’m hoping that I’ll have a good story now and then to share, too!

I wrote the above portion before my first night.  Here is what I have to say after my first night:

Last night was my first night and I can’t say I’m off to the best start.  I had to walk around the entire exterior of the school to find an unlocked door, despite the fact there are Rec programs going on all night!  Oh well, I know where I have to go from now on.  I was “greeted,” more like “came upon” a rec department employee on her cell phone and was literally “shhhh-ed” me and gave me the pointed finger as if to say “one minute” like she was scolding a child.  So, I stood and waited while she finished up her personal phone call.

After she showed me to my space I felt even more disheartened.  This is what I’m working with:

danceroom1Now, I knew I was going to be in a “gym.”  It’s called the “upper gym.”  This is not a gym to me.  These floors?  The wrestling mats?  The nasty equipment?  Sigh.

danceroom3 danceroom4 dance room2

Thankfully, my direct report, Becca, was there for the first night as we had a couple real “dance moms.”  Which is interesting because the area has a number of private dance studios that are much, much more expensive.  This program is more for kids to just have fun, not to be too serious.  I don’t think that some of these parents realize that for what they are paying, they aren’t going to be getting the lobster dinner, if ya know what I’m sayin’.  Don’t give me wrong, the teachers were great with the girls and I could tell the kiddos had a blast, but mama bears need to chill the eff out.

I think I’ll have my work cut out for me.  Hopefully I can make it fun and keep the crazy-ass women off my back and just let it be what it is – a fun community rec program for adorable little dancers.



    1. No mirrors 😦 In college our practice space was pretty sketchy, but at least we had mirrors! I couldn’t put my finger on what I disliked so much about it – and you nailed it – there aren’t any mirrors!



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