“It’s probably just a box of frozen egg rolls…”

That’s what I said to my husband when he asked me “what kind” of egg rolls I was picking up.

You see, about a month ago, I ordered some egg rolls from an area church that sells them twice a year as a fundraiser.  It was $13 for a dozen, a little steep (I thought), but it was going for a good cause.  Last Thursday, I went with a coworker to pick them up.  My conversation with Craig that morning went something like this:

C: What’s for dinner?
J:  Spaghetti, but I forgot I’m picking up egg rolls today, so maybe we can have those instead?
C:  Let’s save them for a night we do stir fry or something.  What kind of egg rolls are they?
J:  Meh, it’s a church fundraiser, so probably just a box of frozen rolls.  Whatever.  It’s for a good cause.
C:  Yeah, let’s just have spaghetti.

CLEARLY our expectations were low.  And then this happened:

cabbage headassembly areacabbage binsnoodlesfryingcooked eggrolls

My mind was blown.  Mel (my co worker) probably thought I was insane.  I just couldn’t get over this operation.  I mean, did you SEE all the heads of cabbage?  The tubs of cabbage mixture?  The huge vats frying those babies up?  The women assembling them?  Oh.my.word.  It was seriously one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in quite some time.

And I haven’t even gotten to how they tasted.  Dear lord, they were FANTASTIC.  I treated myself to one when I got back to the office, they were fresh, greasy, and AMAZING.

Worth every penny.

And no, we did not have spaghetti for dinner.




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