Is You Dog Crazy?


Before I get to the real goods I have to publicly shame myself.  Kim is in Utah this week and weeks ago she asked me to guest post today.  Weeks ago.  Well, between my forgetfulness and my iPhone’s stupid calendar update, I got her my post late Wednesday night.  Fail.  So, Kim, this is my public apology for being the crappiest best friend ever and turning guest posting into a stressful thing.

All of that being said, Kim is a rock star and managed to get my post and my gazillion pictures together on her end.

So, with that, I’m sending you over to Racing Bananas for the day.  While she mainly focuses on living an active and healthy lifestyle, she had a furbaby for a bit.  Charlie made frequent appearances on her blog for the year she was a live-in foster for him.  You’ll still see him pop up time to time.  Kim and I are both totally bat-shit dog crazy.  Are you?  Click the picture below and head on over and read my thoughts!

Are you dog crazy



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