I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 22

I’ve recently found a new blog that has shot into my favorite top-five.  Dog Hair Is An Accessory.  Probably because in the short time I’ve been reading I’ve read plenty of f-bombs and other completely lady-like language.  A girl after my own heart.  So obvs when she announced this one-time only linkup I had to get on board.  Duh.

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 22 21

Growing up, it was pretty rad that my birthday fell over Spring Break!  I always got to vacation over my birthday!  Spring Break of my junior year of college, my happy ass headed to Arizona with two of my best friends at the time, Nate and Holly.

Most of the time we were pretty low-key, we were staying with my Grandma and aunt.

I went to my very first Brewer Game during Spring Training.  Yep.  I’m a Wisconsin native and didn’t see the Brewer’s until I was 20 and it was in Arizona.

1st brewer game1st brewer game 2For a couple days we headed north out of Mesa to the Grand Canyon.

grand canyonAfter viewing one of the seven wonders, we stayed in Flagstaff on the eve of my birthday.  It was an interesting dynamic because only Holly and I were of-age, Nate was the automatic DD and reserved himself a spot in the hotel while we were out and about.

Well, before midnight rolled around I helped myself to about a half-bottle of tequila in some good ‘ole fashioned Tequila Sunrises.  I was feeling good borderline by the time we hit the bars.

That shouldn’t be plural.  Bars.  No.  That should definitely be singular.  Bar.  Yes, that’s better.  Nate dropped us off and headed back to the hotel.  I had a Washington Apple shot.  Okay, that was good.  Followed by an Irish Car Bomb.  I think what effed me was the bartender telling me that if I wasn’t quick to drink after dropping the shot, it would curdle in the Guiness.  I got 3/4 of it down and headed straight to the bathroom.

21 CollageThe many drunk faces of Jessi on her 21st.

Bless Holly’s heart, she cleaned up my mess ALL OVER.  No sooner than we got there, was Holly on the phone with Nate for him to come pick us up.  She finished wiping down the walls, floor, and toilet, and we headed back to the hotel.

The next morning the elevator down to the lobby did me in again – I had to find a bathroom while Nate checked out. Humiliation, party of one.

all ducked upAt least I had an appropriate shirt to wear.

The drive back to Mesa was definitely interesting. Thankfully, we had a couple stops planned, so I had opportunity to get some fresh air every 45 minutes or so.

slide rock parkSlide Rock Park.

So, there ya have it.  Not so exciting.  Pretty embarrassing actually.  My poor mom and grandma are cringing reading this.  Sowee.

One last thing: I’ve never had a tequila sunrise since.




  1. GIRLFRIEND! thanks so much for reading my blog! super flattered. and this story is so upsetting but so funny. that always happens tho- you’re like “this is gonna be GREAT” and then you’re just completely screwed. Love it tho!


  2. This is SO cute! I LOVE spring training. It’s the best part about living in AZ. And can I say, I have had that EXACT SAME REACTION every time I’ve tried to down an Irish car bomb. Seriously, it’s “thanks for the shot, please excuse me while I go casually throw up” … Oy!! 😛



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