Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday I had a serious case of the Mondays.  A 9pm bedtime helped a bit for today, but I still find myself exhausted.  The past couple months it seems that no matter how much I sleep (or don’t) I’m just plain tired.  It’s taken it’s toll on my half marathon training, that’s for sure.

Anyway.  Despite the fact I had an icky Monday, I have a few things that I’m pretty darn excited about:


Liencres, Spain
I hijacked the photo from Kels’ Facebook

I got to talk to my kid sister yesterday!  Well, Google chat anyway.  She is safe and sound in Spain, but she is already chalk full of stories.  Her story-telling always makes me chuckle, even when they aren’t really laughing matters.  She is safe, so I felt okay giggling at her recounting some insane roommate stories.

Divergent– Um. The third Divergent book has a title!?  Where have I been?  I’m beyond excited for this little gem to become part of my library.

– Rudy had a vet appointment last night to update vaccines.  He was there just a couple weeks ago with a knee issue and it looked like surgery was probably.  But, I’m happy to report that after a recheck last night, the vet agrees that it’s best to hold off, because his little body seemed to bounce back pretty well.  My wallet is happy, too, because if he needed that surgery I’d pay whatever it took to make my little guy better!


Doped Rudy after his initial knee appointment. They had to sedate him to get some xrays.


Pumpkin Spice Frozen Waffles from TJs = AMAZE BALLS.

– Made a quickie trip to Home Depot last night to get new light fixtures and outlet covers (excitinggg) for our dining room. The overhaul is almost complete! I’m excited to show you how we took our cave room to a bright, sunny, happy dining room. (Thanks mom & dad for our anniversary gift!)




So, take that crappy Monday. You weren’t so crappy after all AND I’m making it a point to have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Awww Poor Rudy! Missy needs an MRI for her knee. SO not in the budget. I’ve been looking through pet insurance, like health insurance for your pet. With the Fed status as it is not, not sure when I’ll get paid again so EVERYTHING will have to wait. *pout*

    I usually find a good Disney movie and a hot fudge sundae can bring me out of most funks. Just saying…


    1. Aw. Missy and Rudy are in the injured reserve list! I’ve seen things about pet insurance, but haven’t done enough research on it to know how it works or anything. Much to my husband’s dismay, my funk-cure was some retail therapy 🙂 Maybe I’ll opt for a Disney movie (I FREAKING LOVE DISNEY) and a sundae. Probably a little more reasonable cost-wise!



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