Online Shopping

Waking up in a hotel room again this morning.  Ah, the life of recruitment.  Thankfully it’s an incredibly small part of my job and after one more (albeit multiple day) trip, I’ll be done for the year.  When I recruited in Tennessee I never had overnights because my territory was so close to where I lived, but I always thought it seemed a little glamorous to be in hotels for work.  Bahahaha.  I’m an idiot for thinking that.

Anyway.  Online shopping.  As part of Blogtember, you all learned about some of my favorite shops and my preference for online shopping.  Well, apparently, my husband has taken issue with how I talk about these things to him and it finally got the best of him this week and he called me out for my improper language regarding the times I order an item online.

Tuesday night, we were on our way home and I casually mentioned that, “a package will be coming soon, I ordered a new shirt off-line.”

His response: “Off line!?  What does that mean!?  Did you buy it in a store?  Where did you buy it? What is off line?!  You bought it ONLINE.  ONLINE.  NOT OFFLINE.” [yes, in my mind, he sounded that spastic]

I just combine a couple phrases in my mind before speaking.  It’s totally logical and if he was half as intelligent as me, he would totally get it:

“I bought that off of the internet.” + “I bought that online.”  =  “I bought that off-line.”


women are smarterwomen are smarter 2online shopping…mmm perhaps he has a point.  But, you’ll never hear me actually admit that.  For now, I’ll be in the corner silently practicing English as my first language.

Or perhaps this means I’m turning into my mother?  I know there has been more than one occasion that we’ve picked on her for making words up or combining words like that. (Mom, I’ve check with Renee, she confirmed this fact).

I guess my only hope is that Craig will learn to find these things about me endearing, as we have with my mom.  Love you, ma.

Back to buying things off-line shit online.



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