The Reception

We can keep this part short and sweet.  I think I talked a lot about reception when I did The Details post, yeah? I always think receptions are so awkward in those first few minutes.  Well were introduced as the new Mr. & Mrs. and sat down at the head table.  And then immediately got back up to cut our cake.  That’s the sequence of events at most weddings I’ve been do.  It just doesn’t flow. cake-cuttingWhen it was time for dad’s toast, I knew he’d have something good.  He has a great sense of humor and is really good at picking on me.  I say he’s good at is, because he knows how much he can get away with without upsetting me. 🙂  He shared some great memories and tied everything together with my sock/shoe issues I had as a child.  I was weird.  There were many meltdowns I had because my socks just didn’t feel “right” in my shoes.  OCD much? dad-speechWe also asked Craig’s Grandma N to give a blessing.  Without getting into too many details, I’ll just say that Craig and I made the decision together to not take his last name.  Grandma N was incredibly supportive of us and her agreeing to give a blessing at our wedding was really significant to us.  There was no question to anyone that we had the family matriarch’s unconditional love and support.  I adore this woman. gma-speechDan probably gave the best “best man” speech ever.  It was maybe 45 seconds.  I’m actually surprised our photographer got a shot of it!  He was so nervous.  All I know is that the tunnel that him and Craig talked about building between their future homes (to hide from their future wives) is still on his mind. dan-speechLeave it to Kelsey to make me cry my eyes out.  Y’all, I can’t say enough about the relationship I have with my kid sister.  She’s incredible.  Man, she can seriously piss me off sometimes, but I love her so much it hurts.  She is good.  And beautiful.  And snarky.  And apparently said something in the picture below that Craig thoroughly enjoyed. kels-speechkelsey-hugAnd then Craig got up and gave his little speech.  …I wish I knew what he was saying when this was snapped.  My sister and I have quite the looks on our faces…My handsome groom! craig-speechkissAfter speeches and good eats we cleared the floor for the shoe game.  I think this needs to be done at every wedding!  We got asked silly questions like, “Who steals the covers,”(Jessi) “Who is the messiest,”(Craig) “Who is grumpiest in the mornings?” (Definitely Jessi!) shoe-gameI think our guests really enjoyed it, especially when we disagreed! Then the typical: First dance. first-danceBride & Pops. dad-danceCraig & his ma. craig-mom-danceThen the dancing.  Oh, the dancing.  None of these pictures are posed.  Craig went through a weird phase where he reeeally enjoyed Gagnam Style.  Like, I think I heard it 10+ times one day as he played it on repeat on YouTube.  So, of course when a guest caught wind of our weirdness, they demanded a performance. gangam-styledanceOf course we later showed off other baller dance skills (shout out to my Aunt Julie – work it, girl!). dance1And while of this was going on – the best man pulled his truck up in back and had the Packer game on the radio.  So if you didn’t want to dance, you could head back outside for corn hole and Packer updates!  It was so relaxed and so. much. fun! corn-holeThe next (and last!) wedding post will be on my anniversary! Eeek!  Thanks for stickin’ with me and letting me share all about our wedding.  Maybe I gave you all some ideas of some do’s and don’ts!



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