The Ceremony

I loved our ceremony.  Our guests loved our ceremony.

It was short.

It was personal.

It was perfect.

My one “splurge” for my big day was the addition of a string quartet to the ceremony.  I really didn’t want to walk down the aisle to recorded music.  The Sapphire String Quartet arrived about a half hour before the ceremony started and played for our guests as they arrived.

string quartet

Craig JasonMy handsome groom, Craig, and my dear friend, Jason, making their way.

The string quartet continued to play as our wedding party walked the aisle to Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach.  May I now introduce to you 8 of the most fantastic people I’ve know in my entire life:

Bryce SaraBryce, a great friend of Craig’s and my sister-in-law Sara

Tom KimTom, the reason we made our way back to Wisconsin and Kim, my dearest, best friend.

Bob AllieBob, a fellow Wisconsinite that I met in Colorado and Craig’s roommate while living in the Springs and Allie, one of my dearest friends since elementary school.

Dan KelsDan, Craig’s childhood best friend and my beautiful little sister, Kelsey.
The best man and maid of honor.

Then it was my turn. Holy crap.  My handsome pops walked me down the aisle to Canon by Pachelbel.  Such a beautiful song.

Dad Bridebye dadBye, dad!

sara readingCraig’s sister read True Friendship by Judy Bielicki.  It was incredibly fitting for us, because Craig and I started our relationship as platonic friends and because of that, we built a very strong foundation on which to build a romantic relationship.

kels readingAfter the questions of intent, my kid sister took over the mic and read Union by Robert Fulghum.  This piece is becoming increasingly popular at weddings.  I absolutely love it.

Then it was time to exchange our vows.  The vows that we wrote specifically for each other.  Also known as the part where I kept sniffiling into the microphone and sounding absolutely ridiculous.  In addition to the sniffles, my voice also becomes incredibly high pitched.  Somehow I got through it,  jessi vowscraig vowsI love this picture.  It captures so much emotion.  My face is utter happiness and then you have Kels in the background wipin’ away crocodile tears.  My family is so emotional.  Never have to guess how we are feeling!

We didn’t do a sand or candle ceremony.  I always think those are so awkward.  It takes like 15 seconds and then the bride and groom are left to stare at the guests for the remaining minutes until the song is over.  nothankyouverymuch.  Instead, we did a hand ceremony.  I love the words and the meaning, if you’re looking for an alternative to sand or candles, I think its a great option!  You can read it here.  Instead of palms up, we linked hands to form an infinity symbol.

hand ceremonyThe kiss.

this kissHello, world!  We are the new Mr. & Mrs. M!

new coupleThe final unique piece to our ceremony is that we didn’t have a traditional receiving line.  We wanted to make sure that we got at least 5 seconds with each of our guests – we didn’t want anyone sneaking out unnoticed and I know that standing in line can be annoying.  A receiving line of some sort is completely necessary.  You owe it to your guests to at least thank them for coming to share in your special day.

What we opted to do was return down the aisle and dismiss our rows one-by-one.  I had seen this one at a wedding a few years ago and I loved the idea.  Your guests can remain comfortably seated (in the beautiful sunshine!), instead of standing in line, getting bored, and ditching out of line to grab a drink.  It probably went faster than a traditional receiving line and I loved that I could be confident that every single person there got a hug and a genuine thank you from us.

receiving taylor^We were just in Colorado this July for Taylor’s wedding.^

receiving sarahIt was touching to see the people that came to witness our commitment to each other.  People that I certainly didn’t expect to travel the miles, did.  We have the best family and friends.

Tomorrow is all about reception!




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