Happy Face – Frowny Face

I’m waking up away from home this morning.  I have a quick 2-day recruitment trip to the flippin’ boonies.  I came reeeal close to my phone dying on the way here, which is terrifying because it’s a lifeline.  If I lose the gps capability, I’m a lost soul.  Yeah, I printed hard-copy directions.  But, let’s be serious.  They wouldn’t get me out of a cardboard box.  I’m embarrassingly terrible with directions.  Anyway, I have a quick career fair today and I’ll be headed back home tonight.  One night away from my boys is one too many!

Linking up with Jenni’s Blogtember today.

Y’all want to know what makes me happy?  And sad?  Easy.


My nuclear unit.

nuclear unit

My family.

family test

My friends.

friends2friends1friendsFeeling accomplished.

half Collagekim graduationAutumn.



Missing my family.

wiscotexasDoggies that need homes.

DuncanRemember Duncan?

I tried to think of more crappies, but I couldn’t come up with any!  Things might get me down day-to-day, but looking at the big pictures I have far more to be thankful for than sad about.



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