Life Lately

Linking up with Blogtember today to give you a snapshot of my life lately!


Current book: Kim and I recently finished the Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve since moved on to Cuckoo’s Calling.  We managed to form a mini book club with a couple other friends and we are gearing up to read Casual Vacancy.

current books Collage

Current music: I’ve been digging my Katy Perry Pandora station. It really knows how to keep me happy – whether I’m working on projects at home or at work.

Current guilty pleasure: Goll, I don’t know. Celebrity gossip? But I don’t know if you can call it a guilty pleasure, because I feel no shame!

Current drink: I love flavored teas. I’ll always have a soft spot for the iced green tea at Panera, but any teas, peach, mango, etc.  I also really like RumChata with Root Beer.  mmmm….

Current food: I’m still excited that I browned butter last week. I was deathly afraid of burning it. It wasn’t totally smooth sailing. I realized part way through I was browning 16 Tbs instead of the 12 the recipe called for, so that was a lot of wasted butter. But ya live, ya learn.  By late last week I was browning it like a PRO!

brown butter

Current show: Erm. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch TV. I can honestly say I don’t really enjoy it. Same with movies. However, I love, love, love celebrity gossip!

Current wish list: PAINT. Craig, if you are reading this – all I want is paint on my walls!

Current triumphs: Making it through an intense year of marriage. Lots of changes. Lots of adjustment. But, lots of love, too.


Current links: You can check out a recent Sunday Social post for some of my favorites. But, I also feel that I should add a couple of my other absolute favorites: carrie on., Life of Bon, How Sweet It Is, Northern Belle Diaries.

Current needs: PAINT.

Current indulgence: I pretty much love anything cookie dough. And now that I’ve found this healthy cookie dough dip recipe, I’m in real trouble!

Current outfit: Up until recently, I could stay in jeans, work clothes, etc all night and be comfortable. But, at some point that changed and literally the first thing I do when I get home is put on sweat pants and a tank top. Perhaps it’s those extra pounds I’ve gained?

Current excitement: My one year anniversary is right on the horizon.  As in, it’s in a week! How is that possible!? Especially when you consider the fact that we’ve moved twice, bought our first home, started two new jobs…whew. We know how to keep things exciting.

Current mood: Content. Excited. Plain ‘ole happy.




  1. Whoa look at you with a new layout!! I am hopeless at designing layouts…so I applaud you if you did this yourself! Happy almost anniversary. Oh speaking of Katy Perry, I just bought the new John Mayer album and she is featured on a song with him. It’s called “Who You Love.” Have you heard it?


    1. I did do it myself – it’s what happens when you have a whole day with no obligations! ha. I do have plans to get someone to do it professionally though, the font and stuff doesn’t say consistent and it’s driving me cray!

      And yes, I’ve heard the John/Katy song, I liked it! 🙂



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