Everyone’s Got Their “Things”

I’m skipping the regular Sunday Social, it was all about handbags.  I couldn’t give two licks about handbags.  I’m usually perfectly satisfied with my Target purchase – no name brands over here!  And for those of you that do have a handbag hang up, good for you.  Everyone has their “thing,” right?  I hereby begin the Sunday Un-Social:

One of my “things” has been dressing my dogs.  Yep, I dress them.  My husband hates it.  I LOVE IT.

Most recently, you saw Rudy sporting his Packer jersey!  GO, PACK, GO!

rudy jersey

…and you saw Myles trying really hard to be a cheerleader, but it just didn’t work out.  Sad day.

myles jersey

The past two Halloweens have meant costumes!

Dinosaurs and Piggies, galore!

rudy pigmyles dinorudy dinodino eats pigDino Myles eats Piggie Rudy.  RAWR.

And then pre- Papa Craig and Rudy, came the year of the adorable pumpkin and reindeer.

sad myles pumpkinShame.

happy myles pumpkinHappy!

myles xmas

charlie pirate…other people do it, too!  Like Kim!  Charlie got to dress like a pirate last year! What a cute ‘lil doodle, eh? …I mean, arghhhh matey.

Sometimes Most of the time, taking pictures is a chore.  Take last Christmas for example:

xmas picture CollageBut, with patience and time, you can get the perfect shot.  Love my boys.  Aren’t they just the cutest ever!?

I’m so excited for this year – I’ve already seen some über cute pet costumes.  So while you’re over there gaga over your handbags, I’m over here all “my dogs are humans, didn’t you know!?”  Yeah, everyone’s got their “things”…




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