Dating My Mister II

So far, you’ve read all about How I Met My Mister (One and Two) and the first portion of Dating this great guy.  Enjoy Pt. 2!

After getting through all of my health issues, Craig and I were able to enjoy dating and being together in the great state of Colorado.  I had so much with his friends (now, many of whom, I can call my own friends, love them!) and exploring my new state.

At a water show, shortly after I moved

At a water show, shortly after I moved

Do you guys remember when I wrote about Craig cautioning me about moving?  Because his job is like the military?  And he could move at any time with no notice?


Well, folks.  The Friday before the fourth of July, Craig got word that he was headed out of Colorado, in two weeks.  I’d literally been in Colorado for ONE month.  Bless him, he didn’t tell me until the end of the weekend because he knew that it would ruin my time.  We spent the weekend going to the Air Force Academy for fireworks and hitting up some other area attractions.  I remember him suggesting we go to the Golden Bee.  The Golden Bee is a great little piano bar that is part of the Broadmoor.  You can get yards of beer there; it’s really neat!  When we got there the wait was over an hour.  I didn’t want to wait, saying that we could just come back a different weekend when it wasn’t as busy.  But, he INSISTED that we get our names on the list.  I’d later find out that was because he knew he was leaving and didn’t know if we would have another chance to get there.

When he told me he was leaving at the end of the weekend, I was inconsolable.  It’s one the few times I’ve seen him cry, too.  I knew how he felt about long distance relationships and I was sure this was the end of it.  He assured me that we would work through it, but the unknown is scary.  The time since moving had been such an emotional roller coaster, it was tough imagining taking something like this on.

Part of Craig's going away party with our friends

Part of Craig’s going away party with our friends

And so began the long-distance portion of our relationship.




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