Lambeau Leaps

Craig and Jessi had quite the weekend. Five hours in the car on Saturday, four on Sunday. Holy macaroni.

Saturday I got a 10-mile bike ride in before we packed up and headed to Dubuque, IA for a wedding reception. Craig’s college roommate got married!!!!! We originally intended on going to the ceremony, too, but after realizing that there was three hours (THREE!) between the ceremony and reception, we skipped out on the important part. Eek. The dogs were home alone so much this weekend, I just couldn’t justify that extra three hours…so we made it down there in time for cocktails and dinner. We were able to sneak a hello into the bride and groom and then headed out. We had an early morning ahead of us!

How fun are these – my favorite is the second one.  Craig’s face = PRICELESS.

glenn wedding

Whew, that’s pretty blurry.  Picture of a picture.  Sowee.

Sunday started a little rough. I was told we were leaving at 8, to find out at 6:15am that nooooo, we were getting picked up at 7. My husband is definitely the best communicator you could ever meet (not). I’m already a bear in the morning, so this just made it extra special. I was a happy camper by the time we were picked up (read: once I was over the fact that Craig woke me up an hour earlier than what I was expecting).  But,  the 30% rain they called for was 100% until we went in for the game. So that was still a little sad.

I should also mention, that most of the way up, Tom and Craig talked about how excited they were and how little they slept. I heard things like, “It was like Christmas” and “Santa came.” That sort of thing. Boys. Craig just may be the biggest Packer fan I have ever met. EVER. Growing up, his parents shared season tickets with someone, so he has been to a ton of games.  I love that even though it isn’t as novel to him as it was to the rest of us (I’ve only been to like 3 games?) he was still the most excited.  He’s so darn cute.

We definitely didn’t let the rain get us down. We still grilled up our burgers, drank our bloodies, and had a blast until it was time to head in! Thank goodness Tom and Lindsey had a tailgate to sit under!  If they hadn’t it might’ve been a different story.


We had club seats and a parking pass. We literally parked less than 100 yards from the entrance. And got our own entrance, so that meant no lines in the rain. Hallelujah! Oh, and that was all before we got on private elevators to our floor. Yep. It was pretty sweet.

box seats

No, I’m not rich. No, we didn’t really “belong.” Craig and Tom got the tickets from work (fo’ free, fools!). So, I don’t expect I’ll be experiencing this again any time soon, if ever. It was pretty awesome though.  Even though it rained all morning, we had warm dry seats since they were enclosed.  It was great.  Oh, oh, oh AND a server that brought your drinks for you – wait for it…..that you could order from your phone. It was insane.

We saw a Packer mama (don’t remember who…I can’t keep ’em straight) and the local weather guy. They’re kind of like celebrities? tehe.  Just reinforces the fact that they weren’t really “our” people. 🙂


Before the game started, we went up to the roof. That was pretty sweet. It’s quite the view up there. I’m pretty sure one of the ushers was laughing at us because we were all so excited, acting like children, and snapping pictures and such.  We stuck out like sore thumbs.


I think the only draw back was that we couldn’t really hear the crowd a ton, so we couldn’t really feed off of that energy. But, the plus was that we could listen to both the radio and the TV broadcast. I know Craig really liked that part.

The seats were comfy (most of Lambeau is bleachers) and we didn’t have to wait in line for the restroom. The restrooms were nice, too. Not nasty, covered in beer, pee on the seat kind of thing. It’s the small things in life…


I had so much fun. Tom and Lindsey are a blast to hang out with. Tom and Craig are so similar, it’s scary sometimes.  Lindsey and I find a lot of happiness knowing that someone else that “get” our husbands.  …and that when are they are totally ridiculous, they can just smile, because they know.  We spend so much time laughing with these two, it’s so refreshing.



It was a great Sunday, for sure. I know that it certainly isn’t the last Packer game of my lifetime, but I don’t foresee my experience yesterday happening in the near future. Thanks for letting me share some pictures!

Photobombed.  Don't know that chick in the back. Ha.

Photobombed. Don’t know that chick in the back. Ha.



Have a fab week!




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