Thursday Thoughts


Today’s Blogtember topic wasn’t dying for me to write on it, so I skipped it.  I don’t think that blogging has really changed me at all, so why force paragraphs when I can be more interesting writing about something else.  At least I hope this is more interesting.

– Unpacking, I found my 3 half marathon medals.  I’m super amped to add to that collection.  So much so that Kim and I have tentatively planned the next year of races.  We are definitely ahead of ourselves, but it was fun nonetheless.

– Wisconsin, get your act together.  97 degrees on Monday, 63 degrees predicted for tomorrow?  Come on.

– It’s happened.  I’m a snotty blogger.  I recently said to Kim, “if they don’t have a Bloglovin’ button, I won’t bother to follow.”  And honestly, I won’t.  There are a few select blogs that I started following ages and ages ago that still come to my inbox, but otherwise, I’ve converted them all to Bloglovin’.  I get too many emails to have posts coming through, too.

– I love lemon, lime, and orange flavored things.  This Lemon Yogurt Cake looks ah-mazing.

– Jessica may have had my favorite post so far this month – look at all of the Football Food recipes she’s compiled.  One stop shop!

– Finally, this Healthy Cookie Dough Dip.  The ingredients totally freaked me out, but I made it last night.  Holy crap-ola.  It’s freakin’ GOOD.  Though, because I don’t have a “real” food processor, i made quite a mess making it…

messy kitchen



  1. Way to go on the 1/2 marathons! Love the medals. I am looking forward to getting my first one in January for the Tinker Bell 10k in Disneyland. I hope to run a 1/2 sometime next year.



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