I Hate Shopping

Okay, you caught me.  That’s a flat out lie.  I love shopping.  In fact, I probably love it more than I should.  Probably.  Meh, okay, I know I love it more than I should.  So what?

So apparently I married a guy that is a budget crazy-person.  That was an adjustment.  Was?  More like, I’m in the process of adjusting.  We’ve lived together for almost 2 years, been married for almost one.  I guess I’m a slow learner?  *shrugs

Online shopping is what gets me.  It’s too flippin’ easy to just point and click.  Especially when you have most of your credit card number memorized.  Still working on getting the whole 16 digits.  Craig, is eternally grateful I haven’t managed this feat yet.  Anyway.  In the time that I’ve started blogging I’ve found even more fabulous things that I need.  Because I only buy things when I absolutely need them, right?  Right.

Okay, that isn’t true either.

here are some of my most favorite finds in recent months.

Very Jane.

I don’t enjoy it when I get inboxed a bunch of sales that I know I should be avoiding.  Except Very Jane.  I freaking love it.  It features Etsy shops and if you’re not living in a hole, you know that Etsy has some of the cutest things everrrrr.  So many creative little things.  Things I need.  Obviously.  Every day I swoon over the adorble-ness, but have limited myself to one purchase.  It’s a struggle every other day of my life when I have to delete that email, silently crying because money doesn’t grow on trees.  The deals change every few days, so I don’t have anything specific to show you, but seriously, check them out.  And if you dare, sign up for the emails.  But seriously, you have to remember that money doesn’t grow on trees.


I had seen this bad boy popping up on Facebook and different blogs for months before I finally tried it.  I’ve been living under a rock.  Every month, they send you a box with 5 different full-size snacks.  None of the trial sized crap.  You can get your first month for $10 (after that it’s $20).  My first month I got blueberry figgy bars, ranch sunflower seeds, lemon tea cookies, dried pineapple rings, and tomato basil almonds.  I’m anxiously awaiting month number two.

naturebox collage

*disclaimer – if you use the NatureBox link above, not only with you get 50% off, I will also get $10 off my next box.

Pier 1 Imports.

My style totally fits in with Pier 1.  I could furnish and love any home by shopping here.

Pier One Favs

|o n e| |t w o| |t h r e e| |f o u r| |f i v e| |s i x|

Three places I’m loving lately.  Let’s be serious, though.  I’m a self-proclaimed shoe addict.  I thank my mother for that.  I have closets full of clothes that are dying to be sorted through.  A polar opposite of my sister.  And I have more knick knacks that I will ever admit.  A trait Craig hates.

So, while I’ve shared three of my favorites, trust that it’s barely a scratch on the surface of all of the things I lust over on a semi-regular basis.

What are some of our favorite places to shop?  Are you more likely to spend money shopping online?





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